Sometimes & Always with Megan!!

Linking up today with the FABULOUS Megan. Be sure to read her blog & all the other's who linked up today! :)

Sometimes: I hate that hubby leaves for work 2 hours before I have to wake up.
Always: I enjoy sprawling out and taking up the entire bed after he leaves ;)

Sometimes: I want to chop my hair into a super-short bob & bangs
Always:  I can’t bring myself to do it because I want looong long hair for once in my life!

Sometimes: I decide to quit drinking Mt Dew. Cold Turkey.
Always:  The withdrawal headaches are way too bad and I claim I’m “cutting back”

Sometimes: I over think situations and over complicate them
Always:  I remember that life is too short for worry!!

Sometimes: I actually wear cute outfits on the weekends that I’m proud of putting together
Always: I forget to take pictures and have no actual proof of this ;)

Sometimes: I feel restless, like I need a new venture in life
Always: I craft, scrapbook, take photographs, write and read to keep my creative juices flowing

Sometimes: I want to plan a big party or event
Always:  I want to plan a big party or event!!!

Sometimes: I am overwhelmed by the huge, awesome blogging community
Always: I am excited about the fact that somehow I’m making myself a part of it!!


  1. Love Megan's link up! :) I'm so with you with taking over the entire bed once the hubby leaves! I love throwing parties too!

    You're becoming such a great blogger!
    So proud!


  2. love your list. i overthink everything, too!! and i am totally guilty of forgetting to take pictures of the cute outfits.

  3. Ok, definitely think we are the same person haha! First, I want to chop off my hair as well with some bangs. BUT, this is the longest my hair has EVER been and I want to enjoy it because I know that I will regret the cut. Second, I'm on my second day of quitting diet dr.pepper (trying to quit drinking caffeine / soda!) and it is awful!! Third, I never remember to take pictures of my outfits either. And lastly, I love getting my creative juices going as well with crafts, photography, planning parties, etc!

  4. I smile because our morning situation is the opposite I get up first and right after I get out of the shower, he has taken up the whole bed :) So glad he isn't the only one who does that!!!

  5. If I wake up in the middle of the night I give myself a mental countdown until my husband is leaving and I can sprawl out and steal his pillow :)

  6. One of my resolutions for this year was to quit drinking soda. I was SO afraid of getting headaches but thankfully, I never got them!

  7. I love that post about complicating life! I've seen it on FB several times and totally agree with it! :)

  8. hahaha I am sure you wear plenty of darling outfits on the weekends...just have someone else remember to photograph you :) I just happened upon your blog and it's darling! I hope you get to sprawl out on the bed this morning! Hope you are having a wonderful week and Happy Wednesday!
    Twirling Clare

  9. Yikes! Quitting Mt. Dew? That's something I could never do! LOL!

  10. I always wonder what my hair would look like short too :) I can't make myself do it! And my hubby would kill me :)

  11. I want to cut my hair but then i know ill regret it!!

  12. love both of those styles! can never decide!

    xoxo navy & orange

  13. Haha! I can basically relate to all of these. I love sleepin a few more hours after Grahm leaves for work :)
    And I always want to quit drinkin' Dr Pepper but it's so hard and I love it so muchhhh :)

    Thanks for commenting, Erin. :)

  14. I'm with you on the wanting to just chop it off but wanting to grow it long too! The blogging community is pretty great and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

  15. I can relate to all of these!
    Especially the hair one! I want to chop my hair sooo bad, but I'm trying to keep it long for my wedding.
    New reader/follower :)


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