A Lazy Weekend & A Happy Monday

This weekend was FANTASTIC! Since my job has slowed down a bit, I'm finally getting used to actually having free time on the weekends and NOT having to think about work at all :)

I also had a very big prayer request answered over the weekend which just couldn't have come at a better time. God is so good!!!

Not a lot to say about the weekend other than hubby and I got to spend it together doing whatever we please with no time limitations, places to be, etc. It. Was. Great.

We started a 'tropical' puzzle on super-cold Saturday and brainstormed more about vacations! (P.S. Thank you ALL for your suggestions-- you may have made it harder for us to decide ;))

We played Wii games :)
I'm clearly STOKED for this picture... J is not.
We put up twinkle lights for a fun movie-marathon in the basement.
And we ended it on Sunday with Pizza and Football-- what could be better?

So happy MONDAY to all. Monday's are what you make out of 'em :)


  1. looks like an AWESOME weekend! :)

  2. So glad you had a relaxing weekend! Must be nice to get a break from work! You and your hubbie are so cute! Looks like you had a perfect ending to the weekend!

  3. You guys are SO cute! I love that you guys put up special lights just for a movie marathon! :)

    PS- make a button so we can swap!


  4. Awesome weekend!! I love weekends like that. I have a giveaway going on now, make sure you check it out! You and your husband are adorable!!

  5. Gotta love lazy weekends, they truly are the best :)


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