Love, Fun and Football: December 2011

Dec 31, 2011

12 goals for 2012

2011 has TRULY been one of the best years ever! Blessed beyond belief and looking
 forward to more great things to come.

I am so excited about a new year, a fresh start. There is just something about a new, clean calendar
on the wall. A life slate that is wiped clean. No blemishes, bad feelings or negative
thoughts. Just a new year, another opportunity for greatness.

I decided to come up with 12 goals for 2012. Some can be classified as 'resolutions' but others
are just things I want to accomplish this year- concrete and abstract ideas. I look forward to
 being able to cross these off my list as the months go by.

1. Write 200 blog posts (this would be major, for me!)
2. Lose ** pounds (Can't divulge tooo much)
3. Run my first 10k
4... Hopefully follow a 10k with a 1/2 marathon
5. Read 50 new books
6. Agressively build up our savings account
7. Organize the house top to bottom. (Can't wait!! No, seriously!)
8. Visit 3 new cities (Even if it's just 45 minutes away-- it counts.)
9. Be a better friend
10. Learn how to trust in God's perfect timing
11. Show kindness to someone every single day
12. Take a class or workshop that will help my career

Dec 20, 2011

Can 2012 top 2011??

One of my new favorite reads is Beautiful Mess over HERE! I loooved what she posted yesterday and just had to copy it. Plus, since I'm a new blogger this will give the handful of readers a closer look at me & my life in 2011!

Welcomed in a new year and a late Christmas when my sister and brother-in-law were able to come in town from New Jersey. Got a brand new luggage set for our upcoming honeymoon… our first "couple" gift.


 Got straight bangs. They lasted 2 weeks (at the most).
Celebrated 3 years of dating.
Officially put an offer in and purchased our first house!

Had my sister throw me an awesome bridal shower with friends and family.

Had Jared's family throw me another embarrassing, fun bridal shower.

Had a non-bachelorette party. It consisted of BFF and I. 
More details on this at a later date.


Had the most perfect, amazing honeymoon in Mexico.

Lots of baseball games. And more baseball games. Plus a few more baseball games.

Mini-roadtrip to Louisville to check out the Slugger museum & downtown. 

Finally feeling "settled" in our new house. Not completely embarrassed to take pictures.

Become consumed with work-- only took pictures at saWEET Halloween party.

A jam-packed month. 
Roadtripped to Nashville. Surprised Jared for his 26th birthday. Thanksgiving.

How cute are my Mamaw & Papaw? :)

Celebrating our first Christmas as a married couple :)

I gotta' say…. 2011 was pretty awesome. It was SO difficult to narrow the pictures down because I had so many great ones!!



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