Love, Fun and Football

Sep 30, 2016

And That's Life

Football Life: In case you didn't tune in, my Bengals WON last night against the Miami Dolphins. That puts our team at 2-2, thank goodness. I couldn't take a third loss in a row! Some aspects of our team looked great- aka AJ GREEN! Oh my goodness that man is a beast. I cracked up at this tweet from the NFL.

Social Life: What's that?! ;) I've reached a point in life that if I want to see friends and make plans I have to do it weeks in advance- and that's okay! I can't necessarily grab dinner or do something fun with friends on a whim like I once could. That's been an adjustment to get used to but I'm being more intentional about looking ahead to when I can make time for quality friend sessions.

Business Life:  I can't believe it's been a year since Amy and I opened our sticker shop! It's been a lot of fun and a learning experience as well. Our Halloween stickers are on sale through today so be sure to check them out now for the best price.

Fitness Life: I mentioned a few weeks back that I was going to start the Couch to 5K program and get back into running again. Well, that hasn't really worked out for me. After a few workouts, I was having some hip pain and some swelling around my hip and knee in my right leg. Some of you may remember my hip injury from last Spring and so the second I realized things were hurting, I quit. Time for a new work out plan! I see lots of pilates and yoga in my future.

Momma Life: T and I have had the absolute best week together. He's just been so much fun and I got some of my best laughs ever out of him. And today I have to go ruin his life by taking him to the doctor for his checkup and shots! Okay, I'm being overdramatic, I know- but I absolutely despise these visits. I love to hear how big he's gotten and how perfect he is (not biased at all ;)) but the shots break my heart a little every time. Someone hold me!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned. I'm planning on a lot of snuggles, a lot of family time and some productivity! 

Sep 27, 2016

Enjoying the Fall

I've mentioned it before but summer felt like a little bit of a "bust" to me this year. Not that it was a dispointing time or anything, but with a new baby at home Jared and I didn't get out much and definitely didn't do any of our normal summer activities. We were finding our new normal and figuring out how to take care of this little human so it made sense that we weren't hopping in a car to head out into the 90 degree weather all the time.

That being said, I have been looking forward to fall and these cooler temperatures for months now! T is in a pretty good routine, we're finding our groove as parents (some days better than others) and now that it's not so miserable out we're excited to enjoy this new season. We've been making a list in our heads about the fun we want to have in the upcoming months so I wanted to put together our list on the blog today.

I totally dropped the ball on this because I started decorating a couple weeks ago and never finished putting everything out. This week/weekend I'll be sure to have the rest of our festive touches out on display.

Visit a Fall Festival.
Now, I know T is still too young to really enjoy most of this, but a change of scenery for him will still be fun. We can easily put him in the carrier and enjoy fun on the farm like we always have. Drinking fresh cider, walking through the corn maze, picking out pumpkins- I cannot wait!

Carve Pumpkins.
We have carved pumpkins every year together since we got married and it's always one of my favorite activities with Jared. Good music on and even better conversation flowing while we get creative and try to out-do one another. These are our masterpieces from last year:

Watch Scary Movies.
I am really not a big scary movie person, but Jared always convinces me to watch one or two with him each fall/Halloween season. I'm picky about them though- nothing too gory or gross. I can handle the suspenseful stuff. . . sometimes.

Buy Mums.
We don't have much of a front porch, but there is still enough of a spot to put some beautiful, fall flowers so it needs to happen.

Go on Family Walks.
The temperatures are officially not miserable anymore and that means more and more walks, hooray! I can't wait to bundle up T in his little baby hoodies and walk the neighborhood with him and Jared in the coming weeks. Nothing like fresh, fall air.

Make a Halloween Feast.
I have The Pioneer Woman's holiday cookbook which I am absolutely obsessed with. I'm determined to make all of her menus at some point, but the Halloween one is especially calling my name this year. Everything just looks themed and delicious; I think it would be a fun meal to make when we have some family or friends over.

Finish our Yard Work.
Okay, so maybe not the most exciting on the list- but it needs done. We have some landscaping to finish up, need to pressure wash our deck and a few other odds and ends before the weather gets too cold. We are also pricing and getting some quotes on a new privacy fence at the moment; not sure that'll get done this fall or not but it's something we're at least considering and need to follow up on.

Take Family Photos.
I take a zillion pictures of T every week it seems, but we haven't taken many family pictures together since he's been born. I'm hoping to get out on a nice day and snap a few fall pictures of our little family of three.
Throwback to pictures we took in Jared's backyard SIX years ago! Hi, 2010.

What's on your fall bucket list this year??

Sep 26, 2016

A Weekend by the Numbers

What happens when you take an unplanned week off from blogging? Well- you rehash your weekend in the easiest way possible in an attempt to revive said blog. I'm telling you what, I don't know how I ever did the whole 5-posts-a-week-thing. How did I even think of that many things to write about, let alone set the time aside to do it?! I'd like to post a little more regularly here but I doubt I'll ever be back to that kinda' blogging again. Enough rambling- here's to my my weekend, broken down in number form.

17:  Points my Bengals scored yesterday. And no, it was NOT enough to beat the Broncos. We lost... womp, womp, womp.

1-2:  The Bengals record. Yuck.

2-1:  My fantasy football record in both leagues I'm competing in.

0:  Number of days Jared had football games/practice. His team basically had the week off because of an 8th grade class trip; I was so thankful for the extra time with him this week!

3:  Number of football games Jared's team has left. Thank goodness. I am ready to have him home for dinner at a decent hour every night again :)

25:  Diapers changed (a rough estimate... those blur together pretty quickly)

5:  Rounds of Rummy Jared and I played. We have an on-going game of Rummy that we continually add to whenever we play. We call it our "Million Point Game" because it's our goal to play it that long! Pst- currently I'm in the lead.

8: Rounds of Mario Kart Wii played. We had our BIL/SIL over Friday night for some mexican take-out and game night in.

6: Inches of hair I cut off. Okay, technically this was the week before but I never shared an obligatory post-haircut selfie so did it really count? It's nothing crazy but it definitely feels so much lighter and better. Hoping it will also help with the amount of shedding I do- sheesh!

1.5: Hours spent at Lowes by myself. Saturday I ran out to do some errands and let myself wander for a while in one of my favorite stores. We are trying to prioritize some house projects we'd like to get started on so I was doing some field research ;) There are a lot of things we want to update, just a matter of what order to do them in and how long it will take to budget for each of them.

4:  Month old baby of mine. Today T is FOUR months old. How, I don't know?! I think he's weighing in around 15 pounds but I'll know for sure later this week when we go to the doctor. He still sleeps 11-12 hours straight every night. No teeth yet but I think we're in the early stages of teething. Loves music of all kind but totally recognizes Adele the quickest- probably from the 3,000 times I listened to her CD while I was pregnant. Every day it seems like he does something new and we are loving watching him grow! I cannot wait to see what the next month brings :)

Sep 19, 2016

Highs and Lows

Happy Monday, everyone! I love weekends so much. Maybe even more now that I'm a SAHM, which I didn't expect. I'm just always so happy when Jared's home for a few days and my little family is together. As with any weekend though, there were highs and lows. And as with any Monday, I'm not quite fully functioning just yet so we're keeping things simple today. Bullet-pointed blog posts for the win, right? Honesty if it weren't for bullet points I'm not sure I'd ever be able to maintain a blog!

Highs of the weekend included:

☻ Jared's football team winning big this weekend against a good school. He is so great with the junior high age group and though it's a lot of hours, I'm so proud of him for coaching.

 Meal planning meticulously and feeling ready to be back on track (and budget). I made a giant batch of Chicken & Quinoa Chili last night so Jared and I can eat it for lunch all week plus I did all the prep work I could for each of our dinners. I have felt so unorganized since having a baby but this was a nice step in the right direction.

 Signing up for another DietBet. I plan to post a more detailed update later this week about my post-pregnancy fitness but I am excited to take things up a notch. Jared and I are doing DietBet together and I'm grateful for the accountability. Nothing like a little money on the line to motivate a person ;)

☻ Meeting our new neighbors. A couple and their five (yes, five) children just moved next door to us a few weeks ago and other than a quick wave I hadn't really had an opportunity to talk with them yet but I finally did yesterday. They seem really nice which is good since we are in tight quarters around here.

☻ Dressing T up in some of Jared's old baby clothes. At my baby shower my MIL gave me some of Jared's adorable outfits from when he was little and pictures of him wearing them. We're recreating those pictures with T and it's just too much fun.

☻ Getting a much needed haircut. I think my last haircut was in January... yikes! My hairdresser cut off 6 inches and I feel so much lighter. It's still long enough to go up in a ponytail though, which was key.

Lows of the weekend included:

 The brutal Bengals loss to the Steelers. Ugh. Can't even talk about it.

☻ Finally having to purchase diapers for the first time. Between two baby showers, gift cards and Swagbucks- we had yet to actually pay for diapers yet which has been AWESOME. However we officially ran out of our stock pile and had to be like normal people and buy them while we were at the grocery.

☻ Ordering T's birth certificate. So apparently they don't just send you one of those? Maybe I'm clueless, but I have been waiting for weeks for his to arrive. I filled out paperwork at the hospital and was pretty confident they said I'd receive it in 8-10 weeks. Granted, so much of those first few days were a total blur- but here I've been waiting around on one. Turns out I had to order it SO, now that he's almost 4 months old I should have one this week. #momfail

Anyway, not that many lows but of course they needed acknowledged ;) Hope you all have a wonderful start to the week! And because it pains me not to have any photos in a blog- here is me introducing T to the wonders of "photobooth" on my computer.