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Sep 20, 2014

Fall Fashion Wish-List

It's no secret I'm obsessed with LOFT clothing. Seriously, if I could pick one store to shop from for the rest of my life? It would be here! They have everything a gal could ever want, I'm convinced. Thank you, Lori, for introducing me to the wonders of LOFT a few years back- lol! My wallet shouldn't thank you... but luckily I always wait for a great sale/coupon or hit up the outlets on a holiday weekend.

The closer we get to paying off the debt, the more my desire to shop goes up. And up, and up and up! All the new fall clothes? UGH! So since I won't be shopping and actually buying anything for awhile still... I figured what better way to get my "fix" than with making a fall clothing wish-list? ;)

I love tops like this for work. Pretty, flowy and a perfect blend of fall colors!
Floral Tipped Blouse // LOFT
I'd also take one of each of these please! I've been obsessed with shirt-dresses lately (see middle picture!) and have been trying to find a good sale before I snatch one up. Another item I could wear to work with a cardigan and cute wedge shoes, or dress down on the weekend with boots. Not to mention more cute tops and bold, fall-colored skirts. I'm swooning, are you??
Burgundy Deco Piped Blouse //  Plaid Shirtdress // Autumn Bloom Pencil Skirt
So while I absolutely want one of everything at LOFT, I can't forget about my favorite local(ish) boutique- Sugar Love. The owner Jill has become a friend of mine and I always love stalking her site to see what's new! Sign me up for boot socks and oversized sweaters. Yes, please!!
Oakley Leg Warmers  //  Presley Cardigan  //  Lauren Sweater
Alright ladies- what's on YOUR fall fashion wish list??

***This post may include affiliate links, but it is not sponsored by either company mentioned nor am I paid for writing this post.

Sep 19, 2014

Friday Confessions

I see a lot of "I confess" posts and even link-ups but I have never jumped on the confession thing until now. This Friday feels like the perfect time to change that, even if today isn't really a "Friday" for me... yes, it's back to the crazy stretch of work days with no days off. Today's 12 of 19 in case you were wondering! That's also the reason today's post includes ecards and GIFs- you're welcome.

- I confess... that my new(er) short hair definitely does not work well unwashed but sometimes I do it anyway.

- I confess... that I am obsessive about planning my future and sometimes I have real issues with not being in control. It's a work in progress, that's for sure. #controlfreak

- I confess... that I hate missing church during the fall when I work so much. It's always the highlight of my week, but I am at least thankful I can listen to the podcast online later. Yay, technology!

- I confess... that I am incapable of keeping up with laundry. 100% incapable of it!!

- I confess... that I have stuff in an online cart for probably about 10 different stores right now but my bank account (and student loan!) keeps telling me no.

- I confess... that when we make our final debt payment I'm positive I will cry tears of joy. I can't even fathom life without those payments but I'm excited to find out soon!

- I confess... that Jared and I totally binge-watched New Girl season 3 all week since it's on Netflix now. Love that show and can't wait to be caught up.

- I confess... that I only cooked an actual dinner once this week. Whoops!

- I confess... that I'm pretty angry with a coworker right now. Post to come, don't worry.

- I confess... that I let football season get the best of me sometimes. Working a lot wears a person down but I need to somehow find the energy to keep after other aspects of my life. My job cannot be my everything!

- I confess... that I'm terribly guilty of wishing away time. Right now, I'd like to skip ahead to NEXT weekend when I finally get a day off. And after that? Let's just go right to Thanksgiving, shall we? ;)

- I confess... that these confessions came way too easily and maybe I'll have to post these more often.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I hope you all aren't stuck at work like me ;)

Sep 16, 2014

Sallie & Perkins: A Zero-Based Budget


First off, we just have to share that we had a record-breaking August. We dug deep and kept our spending to a very minimal amount. And it worked! Imagine that!

Sallie & Perkins paid off: $3,050.39 in August!!!

Since we started sharing our journey to become debt-free, it has amazed me how many people don't have ANY type of budget at all. So many people just live paycheck to paycheck, never look at how much money is spent on what things each month and it blows.our.minds. We are constantly looking at our bank account online and monitoring our spending/payments.

If we didn't have some type of budget in place, we would be in a much worse shape financially right now. We never want to come across preach-y because let's get real-- we're not perfect, we don't know it all and we didn't do anything about our debt for the first two years of our marriage! Okay. Now that we clarified that- we want you to MAKE A BUDGET!!! We can't stress it enough. So many people are afraid to face the cold, hard facts and see their spending habits on paper. It's scary- trust us. But it was the #1 reason we were finally able to put a plan in place and start paying down our debt. It's a huge eye-opener.

It doesn't matter if you're single, married, with or without kids- everyone needs to have some type of budget, even a loose one to structure your spending around. Something Dave Ramsey taught us is to "spend every dime on paper before the month even starts" and it has helped tremendously. We know what our paychecks will be each month and we plan for bills, groceries, gas before each month begins. We look ahead to see if there are any birthdays or weddings or special events we'll be spending money at. Some of you have irregular paychecks/schedules and while I'm not expert in budgeting for those- again, Dave has a great article on it HERE. Gosh, Dave- are you reading MY blog yet?? ;)

Dave calls this method a Zero Based Budget and he's got a great article going into more details HERE if you're interested. We know almost EXACTLY what we'll be able to pay on our debt before the 1st of each month. Tweak your budget every single month! Sounds tedious? It is sometimes... but each month will be different and if you don't look ahead, you'll fail. Sorry- it's the truth! Take just a few minutes each month to look ahead like this - it'll save you money and some headaches.

Oh, and our last and probably most important budget advice? Budget for some fun! You have to!  No matter what your idea of fun is (What?! Not everyone loves StarWars Lego Wii games and Discover magazine?!) leave some room for it each month. Budget doesn't have to be a "bad" word.

You'll lose your mind without a little bit of "play" money for the month. Set a small, reasonable amount aside each month so that you can enjoy a night with friends, a cheap date night or just pick up a pair of earrings that you love! Budgets don't have to be all bad- it's just about having a plan!

Sep 15, 2014

A Weekend in Numbers

I'll be honest- my weekends in the fall generally are not blog worthy. I spend them working and watching football. There is only so much one can say about that lifestyle... and I certainly don't get out my camera as much during these crazy months. So I'm going to break it down in numbers for you. I once did a post on my life in numbers which was really fun- so let's try it weekend-style :)

24 Numbers of points my Bengals scored yesterday

2-0 The Bengals current record

0-2 My fantasy football team's record... #lame

107 Muscles in my body that are sore from working out. Ouch, ouch ouch!

8 Days in a row of working so far...

11 more days to go until I get a day off. Not that I'm obsessively counting or anything.

5 cards/snail-mail that got send to friends and family over the weekend

3 new candles I snagged during Bath and Body Works big sale #obsessed
bbw candles

45 Minutes that Jared and I spent in Toys 'R Us this weekend. I swear its been YEARS since I stepped foot in that store!!

Hope you all had a great weekend :) Let's hear YOUR numbers!!


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