An Update... Again?

Without meaning to, it's been 10 days since I lasted posted anything on here. So, hello! I know blogworld can be quieter than usual in the summer because everyone is busy so I doubt my lack of posting has left anyone missing out ;)

To be honest, being cooped up on crutches all summer has been way more challenging mentally than physically. I definitely have that cabin fever/stir crazy/whatever you want to call it going on but thankfully the end is in sight. This weekend I'll reach the 6 weeks of crutches mark, hooray! After that I can wean off of them for 2 weeks and then I'll start some physical therapy. Fortunately things are healing up as they should but goodness has it been a long (expensive) process so far.

But injuries and crutches are boring so here's what else we've been up to!

- T is "talking" and repeating things like crazy. It blows my mind how quickly he picks up new words and sounds. His new phrase is "all gone" which I hear 200x a day, but I don't mind. It's adorable. He's still not walking at almost-14-months but I don't mind that either- especially since I haven't been able to walk myself. I keep saying he's just being considerate of his momma ;) He'll walk when I can walk.

- We've made a few family trips out to Lowes in the past few weeks, that's about as exciting of an adventure as we can handle right now. But with a new house there is a never-ending list of things we need/want, so it's a fun adventure regardless. I'm hoping to score some outdoor furniture next month when everything is on major sale. Crossing my fingers we find something we love at a good price. I think we want something like this... but I'm not positive.

- My book business is SO much fun and it's been awesome having something I can do from home. Again, with the whole stuck-inside thing! I'm hosting a couple parties a week at this point and enjoying every minute of it. Want free books for your kiddos? HIT ME UP. #itseasy

- I've had multiple friends make the trek down to see me and keep me company for a few hours during the week and I cannot express how much that means to me. Two of them drove an hour with their own kids, brought lunch and made me feel not so isolated for awhile. Those visits got me through the long days for sure.

- When we moved we somehow lost our coffee maker and it still has not turned up. I'm not too distraught as it was a really basic, inexpensive one- but I just wonder how something so important goes missing?? Lol. Let's just say we have hit the Dunkin drive-through a few too many times in the past week but buying a replacement is on the agenda for this weekend.

That's as good of an update as any, I suppose. Now that the end of crutches is in sight ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS FALL. Sorry, all you summer lovers- but I need to have two legs again and when I do it's basically time for pumpkins, festivals and zoo trips where you don't sweat buckets. It can't come soon enough!!!

An Update!

Things look a little different around here, don't they? Though I do love a good blog revamp, I hadn't planned on doing this one. But over the weekend my blog was getting hacked from somewhere in Germany. Much to my displeasure, those thousands of pageviews pouring in were NOT in fact just visiting to admire my writing ;) Once that was taken care of, none of my images/headers or anything was showing up correctly. And all those files? Forever lost on my Mac that has officially bit the dust. My beloved computer I bought right after I got out of college in 2008- yes, it is done. #RIP

So a quick facelift later, here we are! I haven't had the time to truly update everything, and I'm pretty sure my social media links are missing at the moment- but that'll come in time. I'm confident no sleep will be lost over my half-completed blog design. Now let's just focus on the fact that I DO have a brand new computer coming my way this week. After 9 years with the same one, I'm pretty stoked.

Weekend highlights below:

- Third Annual Christmas-in-July date night for us. Jared did all the planning this year since I'm on crutches. He totally shocked me by putting up our tree with lights on it, cooking a Christmas-type dinner and just going all out on the details. Love that man and how he still loves to be creative with our dates at home.
- New PJs from Carters. This was part of a 2-pack, originally listed for like $30 (ridiculous) but it was on clearance for $16.99, with an additional mark down of 25% off. And THEN I had a $10 reward to use so I ended up paying $2.92 for 2 sets of pajamas. I love a good deal!!

- If you didn't see me mention it, I'm now an Usborne Books & More consultant/distributor. I fell in love with the books when someone gifted some to T and it just made sense for me to sell them and share my love with everyone else! My new consultant kit came in the mail over the weekend and I'm thrilled with it! I got eight books in all age ranges/topics, plus things like brochures, catalogs, etc.

I've only been doing this for 2 weeks and I've already hosted 3 online parties- with 4 more on the books (pun totally intended!) If you are interested in hearing more about earning FREE BOOKS- please comment and let me know. My best friend Lacey just had a party on Facebook and is going to walk away with close to $100 worth of their books. I'm so not the sales type, but I'm telling y'all- you need to check it out.

Oh and a crutches update for those counting along with me. I'm 4 weeks down at this point which feels like a lot and a little at the same time. I'll see my doctor around the 8-week mark to decide if I can move onto physical therapy or if they want another 4 weeks on crutches after that. My sanity is waning many days but getting this first "chunk" of time done helps. A little ;)

Happy Monday, all!!

Currently: July Edition

Welcome, back! From the long weekend, and to my blog as well! I enjoyed stalking everyone's festive fun over the weekend. It always feels extra quiet in blog world in the summer time, which makes sense for most of us. The days are longer, kids are out of school and there is lots of summer fun to be had. However, as the lady injured and cooped up? I am legitimately counting down the days until September and fall and football. Yeah, yeah... I said it- don't kill me! 

That being said, I figured the easiest way to come back to reality was with the Currently link-up. My favorite! Anne and her cohost this month, Stephanie would love for you to join in the fun and link-up, too!

Documenting: Life! My sister-in-law got me onto the 1 Second Everyday app and I absolutely love it. I'm already so antsy to see the finished product at the end of the year. I wish I'd started it from the day T was born, but I just started on January 1 of this year and it's so much fun! Even though a LOT of my clips are of T, I try to think outside the box and document other simple little things in the day-to-day. Sometimes the most mundane thing makes the cut, but I know it will make for good variety and a fun memory.

Accomplishing: Umm... have I mentioned a time or ten that I'm on crutches? ;) It's been so difficult for me to just rest. SO DIFFICULT. But I'm trying! And while I'm trying to rest physically, my mind does not rest so the lists and project planning is in full force. With a new house comes lots of wants/needs so I've got a running tally of things we want to purchase/do. At the top of our list right now is to purchase and install kitchen knobs and pulls. I thought I knew what I wanted, but then like anything else, I saw the countless options and just feel confused. Any tips??

Enjoying: Daily pictures and updates from my sister and niece. While Facebook is my least favorite social media outlet, I do enjoy the messenger app. It's so quick and easy to chat, especially with people hours away! Whether it's a funny story, a cute photo or just a 'hey, what's up?' I love being able to stay connected with them!

Reading: A lot, actually! Another "perk" of having to rest, I suppose. While I am always way behind the rest of the world on popular books, I've been flying through a lot of them on my Kindle Fire. PS- Does anyone have a good case they love and recommend? I need one but can't decide!

Spending: Carefully! Like I mentioned, there are so many things we want and/or need for a new house, but we know it's a process. We recently revamped our budget because it needed a major overhaul. Now we know what our house project budget is each month and it feels good to know those numbers. Our life and finances are 100% different than they were one year ago, so why shouldn't our budget be different too? Jared and I still have a lot of financial goals and ambitions and we know staying on top of them is the only way to reach them!

That's enough rambling from me. What are you up to currently??

Staycation Success

I mentioned on Monday that Jared was off all this week and it has been AMAZING. I'm resting more and enjoying the extra time with both of my boys. This week has truly been a success.

We've hit up yard sales and found some great deals. I snagged this end table for $8 from the sweetest couple. They were making T laugh and they said they were sorry they didn't have any toys. That was definitely okay because we hit the jackpot of kid's stuff later that day. We left another yard sale with a bag of books, Black & Decker tools for kids, and a xylophone - all for $4!
Family yard sale selfie ;)
It's also been a beautiful weather week around here. With Jared here we've been able to get out and about a little more than I normally would be able to on crutches. We've enjoyed our back deck and set up fun water play for T. And the sunsets lately... incredible!

And last but not least- I have been talking about books a lot lately, but for good reason! I've decided to become an Usborne Books consultant and I'm pretty pumped!! After attending a party and falling in love with the product, it just made sense to sell it. I've got some parties booked and my first one is tonight on Facebook, so I'm really excited to see how things go. If anyone wants to hear more, feel free to leave me a comment. I'm happy to share more! You can shop my books and see what they're all about HERE.