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Oct 21, 2014

Imagination Has No Age

Yesterday was my half-birthday making me officially 27.5 years old. I jokingly told Jared we had to celebrate such a milestone (really I was just hoping he'd treat me to Chipotle). He replied with, "Well, of course we have to celebrate. Starting tomorrow you are now closer to 30 than you are to 25."

WHAT?! Closer to 30?! What is it about that number that sounds so terrifying sometimes? Just the initial thought of being "close" to 30 was weird. Back when I was a teenager, maybe even twenty, 30 sounded so old to me, like 30 means you're an adult and boring and life's about over. But now? 30 kinda' sounds fun. I'm 27.5 and have never felt better! I can tell you this, I'm no where close to old. I love the statement that age is just a state of mind and that you're only as old as you feel. I feel young, very young! Jared's comment got me thinking about all the things I'm NOT too old for:

- Watching animated Disney/Pixar movies regularly. With our movie collection you'd think we had kids or ran a daycare or something- but no, I just love them! 

- Or watching ridiculous YouTube videos and getting sucked in for hours watching the dumbest things. I should be embarrassed at how late I've stayed up doing this, but I'm not!

- Eating any form of a holiday Reese cup. Pumpkins, Christmas trees, Easter eggs... you name it, if I see one while I'm out I'm going to grab a few. They are more fun to eat, I swear.

- Speaking of Christmas, I don't know about you- but "Santa" still delivers one gift to me on Christmas morning each year. He always seems to know exactly what Jared and I would want, but I'm always still surprised ;)

- Kiddy rides at an amusement park. I love a good rollercoaster, sure, but there's just something I still love about getting on the slow-moving train ride or the swing carousel.

- Cleaning my house to any random boy band Pandora station. When Jared's gone, you better believe those jams are cranked up and I sing and dance right along with every 90s song I can.

- Eating cereal for dinner. Hey, sometimes it happens.

- You know what else happens? Having $1 lunchable for your work lunch when you forgot to pack anything and running into Target is your closest/cheapest option.

- Making ridiculous videos on your computer. Lip-syncing, karaoke, dance parties- you name it, they're on my computer. Life is way too short to not act a little silly, don't you think?

- Taking pictures and/or giving high-fives to mascots and characters. Theme parks, high school sporting events, festivals- I don't care! I'm not too cool or too old to enjoy a hug from someone in a furry suit!

- Dressing up for Halloween. It's not just for the kids- everyone should participate! I love an excuse to put together a costume every year and just have fun!

So how old do I feel? I'm not sure, but at this point I don't care! And because a blog post isn't complete without a good quote/picture, I'll leave you with one of my favorites :) 

Oct 20, 2014

Bengals vs. Colts = Ouch

Perhaps sometime in the near future I'll be able to actually start a post with something other than, "Oh, the Bengals... they broke my heart this weekend." Today will not be that day. If any of you caught the Bengals v. Colts game yesterday, and for your sake I hope you didn't, you'll know my guys got completely shut down. 27-0. Do you know how miserable it is to watch your team not be able to get on the board for an entire game?! Ouch, guys, ouch!
The good news (sorta) is that Jared and I got to see the game live. We made the quick drive over to Indianapolis with some friends- some of which were Colts fans- to visit my 4th NFL stadium. I'd really love to see them all one day so I'm just aiming for a new one every couple of years. It's on my list to see at least one more before I'm 30!

Lucas Oil Stadium was awesome, though. Easy to get to, and completely hassle-free parking which was very unexpected. I thought we'd be parking miles away but Indianapolis had no shortage of good parking locations at reasonable game-day prices too. Thumbs up to you, Indy! You're a great city to visit.
It was cool to be in a huge indoor stadium for the first time. The retractable roof was open so it was actually pretty chilly in there, but it was great football-weather! Despite our seats being in the 600 level, we had a great view! People always call the upper-decks the nosebleeds, which drives me nuts. There's nothing wrong with being up top! You see everything from there. Sadly, there wasn't much for us to see Sunday- but we still made the best of it and had a great time.

Maybe now since our record is 3-2-1 (silly tie!) I can lower my expectations a little. I mean, if we were 6-0 right now, surely I'd have my Super Bowl dreams crushed come December, right? Now, I can just keep hoping for the best, and I absolutely still think we can make a run for the playoffs- but I've lowered the bar just a little bit for the coming weeks. Don't get me wrong, I'll be losing my voice week-in and week-out cheering on my guys, but any future loss probably won't hurt quite as bad for the rest of the season.
On the way home we got over the loss pretty quickly. We pouted for a few minutes, because any loss stinks- but then made the best of our drive home with some snacks and much needed caffeine.
We weren't the better team yesterday and that's all there is to it. I'll remember visiting an awesome stadium with Jared + friends and just hope our guys are getting ready for next week.  I know I am! #BeatBaltimore

Oct 16, 2014

Dear Friday

Dear Friday Letters, I still think you're cool even if I'm not sure the link-up/prompt still exists. 

Dear Saturday, you are open and plan-free. Enjoy yourself, because every Saturday after that is booked for the rest of 2014. (I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not.) See you guys next year.

Dear Jared, I'm glad you like entering silly contests as much as me. This week we won a $25 gift card to our local grocery store by guessing how many donuts were in a jar.

Dear Sallie & Perkins, I hope you're proud of that gift card. ;) Free food is always a good thing.

Dear Bengals, After an ugly loss and then a tie, I hope you plan on coming out ready to dominate the Colts this Sunday. We need a big win, boys!

Dear Gym, I am OWNING you the past 2 weeks. I love feeling like I actually BELONG there and know what I'm doing.

Dear FleurtyBands, you are by far the best non-slip headbands out there- seriously. I'll take one in every color/pattern/design. Thanks ;)

Dear Body/Self, stick with it!! Those results that you're finally starting to see? They'll only get better, just don't lose motivation, no matter how sore your legs are.

Dear Niece, I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving when I get to see you again. It's been over 3 months, which is about 3 months too many! Please remember who I am!

Dear Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving, I'm already drooling over all the food I'm going to make and eat even though you're still weeks away.

Dear Blog Readers, You all are awesome. Thanks for always reading, commenting, emailing and encouraging me when I need it!


Oct 14, 2014

A Blog Tour

My bloggy friend Sarah (and fellow NFL fan!) tagged me for this fun post last week. I've seen quite a few versions of this floating around the blogworld and I'll admit, I've read just about every one! It's a virtual blog tour and with each one I've read, I've felt like I got just a tiny peek into the blogger's brain. And hello?! We're bloggers-- we're nosey!  We want to know all we can- which is why I'm doing my own little tour around here today.

What am I working on?
I feel like I'm always working on a dozen posts all at once. I'm the person that has drafts upon drafts upon drafts in my blogger dashboard because every time I get a quick idea, I throw it into a draft so I can come back to it when I'm ready. Right now I'm working on a couple things from my 30 before 30 list and hoping to post about them soon. And as always, Sallie & Perkins are up to their usual shenanigans so I'm working on their feature as well :)

How does my work differ from others of it's type/genre?
Most lifestyle bloggers talk a LOT about what they've bought recently... clothes, home decor, a car, you name it! While I love a splurge every now and then, shopping is just not something I do a lot of at this point in my life. I'd love to, don't get me wrong- but my debt is more important than any material thing. Sometimes I think the fact that I'm frugal and not Instagramming me at Target every other day leaves people bored with my blog but if that's the case? So be it! 

Why do I write what I do?
I love that my blog is a mix of all the things I love and/or love to talk about. I get to keep a virtual diary of Jared and I's life, our adventures, our vacations. I wish I'd started this blog during our engagement days but I do love seeing all we've done in our few years of marriage here on this blog, in one place. I love to share a great recipe that I've nailed, a fun craft that took no time at all or just write a silly, creative piece about my love for football. This place is mine and I think my writing reflects whatever is on my heart that day.

How does my writing process work?
Like I said earlier, I am constantly putting down ideas into drafts, so I can revisit them later. I do attempt to do SOME planning ahead for my posts, but it's definitely nothing I have set in stone. Each month I sit down and try to plan a loose calendar of topics for the few weeks ahead. I fill in the days where I know I'll have a personal "recap" type of post, I aim to have at least 1, if not 2 debt-related posts, one recipe, a few creative ideas I've been working on, a favorite link up, etc. Then I can fill in the gaps easier with other posts along the way.

Now, I'm nominating a couple of my favorite gals to join in and share a tour of their own blog!

The lovely Sarah from Life of Love. Her life is SERIOUSLY full of love right now, so if you don't know her I suggest you click on over to swoon over her recent Hawaii wedding pictures. PS- they eloped! And PSS- she sent me the sweetest card out of the blue a couple months ago just proving AGAIN how awesome she is.

And Amanda from The Lady Okie. Just an all-around, genuine person who happens to be a heckuva' writer. Seriously... I absolutely love reading anything she posts because it's just always so darn entertaining. Plus, she's an incredible runner and motivates me all the time, perhaps without even realizing it! 


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