Mar 3, 2015

My Kitchen

My kitchen, despite it's teeny size, is my happy place. I love spending time there chopping, mixing, baking and cooking. Almost always I'll have Pandora blaring on my phone nearby. There is just something so therapeutic about cooking, does anyone else agree? Too often our meals are rushed and quick during the week and I don't get to fully enjoy that experience of making a meal and taking my time with it. That's why I love a good Saturday of freezer-meal prep, or a Sunday afternoon football game where our house is filled with rambunctious fans ready to gobble up all the appetizers I made that morning. I love feeding people and entertaining.
Hosting Friendsgiving in that kitchen is a CHALLENGE- I'll say that much.

Did I mention that this little kitchen of ours is microscopic? I've had to really learn to keep our kitchen gadgets and cookware to a minimal amount, simply because there is NOT enough room in the house for them all. If it were up to me I'd have every single quirky kitchen gadget there is- like avocado slicers and fondue sets and tasting plates. I mean, it's totally necessary to have all of those things you'll use twice a year, right?! ;)

I say all that to say this- we are hopefully going to be doing a few upgrades to our kitchen in the near future and I'm really stinkin' excited. Now of course we can't add square footage or more cabinets to our postage stamp kitchen, but a few updates might just make that happy places even happier. I dream of the day I have a large kitchen with plenty of room to prep and cook and serve people without us stepping on each other, but for now I'll just have to show this kitchen and it's navy blue countertops (yes.) some TLC.
There she is in all her glory, right after we moved in!

We've been doing our research and trying to determine the best and most affordable ways to give our kitchen a facelift. We are getting "new" appliances very soon from an awesome friend of ours. They are like new but they're upgrading and are going to sell us theirs at a fraction of what they should cost. I cannot wait to have a flat stovetop and a refrigerator that also has ice and water in the door! You know you're an adult when...

I've seen multiple people painting their laminate countertops to look more like marble and I've got to say- I'm tempted to do the same. It would be really scary but some of the results I've seen are fantastic. Same goes with painting cabinets. I think we could handle the project, but taking on something so permanent is nerve-wracking. Do we just invest the money to let a professional replace it? Or try our hand at it first? I'd love to know what projects you've tackled on your own! I'm excited to start updating this little space of ours :)

Mar 2, 2015

#4WeeksFit {The Goals}

Today is the big day!!! :) If you missed our announcement last week, Kristin and I are hosting a #4weeksfit challenge that starts today! It can be any type of fitness/weight loss/healthy eating goal you want it to be. We're just challenging you to stick to it for 4 weeks and link-up your results with us on March 31st. I am so pumped to start this month off strong and have an amazing #4weeksfit. Nothing like warm weather coming (I hope, right?!) to really make you want you want to step your game up. It took me awhile to decide on my goals for the month but I'm pretty excited about what I finally narrowed them down to.

Goal #1 - Incorporate more/new healthy foods into my diet. We eat at home most of the time, but it's easy to make the same things over and over again, which then in turn gets boring. I really want to focus on new vegetables, both as a side dish and as a main course. Any vegetarian recipes you love? Send them my way.

Goal #2 - Lose 5-7 pounds. Pretty self-explanatory here ;) Still working off those extra pounds from football season and the holidays. Again...

Goal #3 - Get 8,000+ steps a day. This is going to be a challenge for me as I sit at a desk all day long and never take a  lunch break (yes, I'm a workaholic). I use a FitBit and on days where I don't workout? I'm lucky to get 4,000 steps in a day. I know it's so so bad to sit down all day long so I'm determined to really actively track and get up and move on those days I know I won't be going for a run.

Goal #4 - Run my entire half-marathon... no walking! I have my second-ever half marathon this month and while I absolutely don't feel prepared, I'm still pushing myself as hard as I can. Last year's I was in rough shape and ended up walking a lot- so cheers to running the whole race, no matter how slow! ;)

Don't forget to link up with us and use the #4weeksfit hashtag anytime you want :) I can't wait to motivate each other all month long!

Love, Fun & football

Feb 27, 2015

Friday Five {Bye, February!}

This week has been chaos at my office. My boss is on vacation, it's the end of our fiscal year and there are tons of staffing/departmental changes going on. While it made for some crazy days- the week as a whole actually went by pretty quickly and somehow I got everything done. I will be happy to see my boss on Monday though, we need that guy!! Not to mention the fact that he spent a week in Disney with his family and I want to live vicariously through them ;) But let's get on with things- here are my Friday 5!!!

- O N E -
Jared and I officially have all our travel plans booked and paid for. A couple of new cities and a little time at the beach as well. I'm so excited for all of our upcoming adventures! 
Last year in Punta Cana!

- T W O - 
I've been on Pinterest a lot more lately. Does anyone else go through waves where they totally forget Pinterest exists, and then other times they just can't seem to stop pinning? I am obsessing over house updates and trying to decide what room to focus on first. I'm ready to finally put our spin on this home we've lived in for almost four years.

- T H R E E - 
It's the end of February, hooray! Tomorrow is our dateiversary so of course it's a great day, but other than that? Good riddance! I know March doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to be wearing flip flops and picking fresh flowers quite yet, but it does mean we're one step closer to that. I cannot wait for warmth. And no, I'm not that person who will complain the second its "too hot" because there is no such thing to me!

- F O U R -
I've said it before and I'll say it again- my niece is the most perfect, adorable child on the planet! She lives far away from me but Skyping with her is the most fun thing ever and I am so thankful for technology! She's almost 2 so I feel like every time we chat she does/says something new. Being an Aunt - even from afar- is the best thing ever.

- F I V E -
I'm excited to announce that Kristin and I are hosting another #4WeeksFit Challenge!! We want you to set a 4 week fitness related goal and link-up with us TWICE. This coming Monday, March 2nd, post what you'd like to accomplish this month. It could be getting to the gym a certain number of times, cutting something out of your diet, setting a PR, drinking more water, losing a certain amount of pounds- anything at all that you want to challenge yourself with in March. Then, on March 31st link-up again and share what you accomplished!
Love, Fun & football

Kristin made the awesome button for you to share and let everyone know what you're a part of! :) Feel free to use the hashtag #4weeksfit so we can cheer each other on all month long. I hope you'll join us! :)

Linking up with Darci and Amanda! :)

Feb 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Dating Days

This Saturday will mark 7 years since Jared and I 'officially' became a couple. Even though one could argue we were already exclusive before that, February 28th is still our special day that will always hold a piece of my heart. For this special edition of Throwback Thursday I dug deep into the archives of college pictures (a scary place to go, whew!) to find some hilarious cute embarrassing photos from our dating days. How in the world do these photos feel so outdated already?! It has not been THAT long since we were roaming the campus hand-in-hand... right?!

Many dates consisted of watching our tiny college's basketball team practically every weekend, while other times it was the big off-campus get togethers where I learned to love college football, surrounded by Buckeye fans ;)

There were hours upon hours spent in the computer labs "working on projects" but really we'd waste time on the computer's photobooth and try not to crack up in the middle of the library. Then when we were able to scrape up a little loose change, we'd venture off 40 minutes to the nearest Applebees with friends for half-price appetizers since it was really all we could afford.

And boy, did we love a good theme date or party. That certainly hasn't changed over the years!

I love that even though we grew up in the same general area, we had to drive almost 200 miles away to meet each other at college. Graduating college and coming home was a pretty easy transition for us, after all we loved all the same things and learned some new things together as well.

It's hard to believe so many years together have passed- it might be cliche, but it's so true that time flies when you're having a blast. I'm so glad things work out the way they're supposed to in life. I couldn't imagine life any other way! Thanks for letting me steal your sweatshirt, and for giving me a life full of laughter and fun.



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