Apr 17, 2014

Two Great Deals For YOU!

It's my birthday week! (Have I said that enough times yet in the past few days?! Don't answer that...) And since birthdays just make me happy and make me want to celebrate in 100 different ways, I thought I'd share the birthday love with my awesome readers today! I've got TWO fun shops to introduce you to!

Hello Darling Boutique has adorable clothes and NOTHING on their site is more than $50! That is my kinda' shopping, for sure! The shop owner Jenna sent me this Floral Ruffle tank right before I headed to Punta Cana and it was SO perfect for evenings at the beach. Super lightweight, flowy and also comes in Mint, Navy, or Yellow!
You can find her shop here and receive a 10% discount using promo code: LOVEFUNFOOTBALL. You can use the promo code at checkout through the website or if you pay via PayPal just add a note with the code there. Hint-Hint, this maxi just got added to my wish list ;)

And secondly, remember when Jasmine sent me this Fleurty Band? And how I've been obsessed with it ever since? 
Well, in honor of birthday-week-extravaganza she's offering you all 40% off anything in her shop!! The link to her shop is here, and be sure to also follow her on Instagram for the most up-to-date styles, deals, etc. Use promo code: LOVEFUNFOOTBALL40 to get your discount!

Don't wait- go grab yourself some new pretty things! :)

Apr 16, 2014

Am I 27 or 72??

I'll be turning 27 this coming Sunday and just for fun I started making a mental wish list. As my brain jotted down a few things that came to my mind quickly, I had to slow my "pen" and remind myself how old I will be turning. 27 is still oh-so-young, yet my birthday wish list? Might as well be for someone turning 72.

Honestly? The first thing that came to mind was new carpet for our house. Exciting, huh?! Then new appliances, maybe a thorough car detailing, someone to put money toward's my student loans.... etc. It's scary how all the things coming to mind were practical and downright boring! So while those are more important things than a frivolous shopping spree, it's still fun to think of those things I'd love simply because I want them, not need them.

I'll pretty much take anything the LOFT sells, but I've been especially eyeing this scarf, and this dress lately. And hey! Why hasn't LOFT send me any type of birthday coupon yet? Did they forget me?? I'm also on the hunt for a good nude-colored sandal, every girl needs a pair of those, right? Or really if someone could just find me all the perfect shoes in the world, I'll take a pair of each.

I mentioned yesterday that Punta Cana has truly inspired me to reach deep into my brain and recover what Spanish I have learned, and get a lot better at it too. Rosetta Stone is crazy expensive, but goodness I've heard it's the best out there! And in the very likely chance I don't receive this software- does anyone have any good websites for learning Spanish??

Cookbooks. Old person alert! ;) But Erin, you have Pinterest, why do you need a cookbook?? While Pinterest is amazing and I've found many a' good recipes there, I love having a paper cookbook to flip through and discover.

A Garmin Forerunner GPS watch still has my attention, as well. Even though I've barely been able to run for weeks now due to this silly hip injury, I know I'll run again... eventually! And when I'm back at it, I'd love to have something like this to help me stay on track and motivate me even more.

Along with that watch? I'll take just about any type of running gear anyone wants to buy me. I'm obsessed with Under Armour and would gladly live in their stuff if I could. Hoodies, tees, tanks, leggings- you name it, I want it ;)

And of course, it never hurts to ask for a puppy.

Are your birthday lists practical or fun? Or a little bit of both? ;) What are you currently wishing for!?

Apr 15, 2014

Punta Cana Recap

Last week Jared and I took the vacation we've been talking about taking for years. No exaggeration… YEARS! We've wanted to go somewhere fun, tropical and relaxing with our BIL and SIL and it finally worked out. The timing, the great deal, the hotel… it all fell into place way too easily. Our foursome has done some pretty great roadtrips in the past, but this was our first big vacation together and it was almost indescribable. A week of fun in the sun with of our favorite people?! It doesn't get much better.
When you go to an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, most of your pictures are going to look the same. Beach. Ocean. Pool. Food. Ocean. Beach. Food. Pool. Palm Trees. Repeat that for about six days and you'll have our trip. It was so incredibly relaxing and so rejuvenating! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. 

As amazing as the beach is during the day, with the crazy-hot sun beating down on us, it was nice to head out to the beach for a post-dinner stroll as well. Any crowds that were there earlier were almost always gone and we truly felt like we owned that beach! Some people don't like that "sand everywhere" feeling but me? I cannot get enough of the sand in my toes, the beachy, windblown hair…. sigh. I belong at the beach, you guys. I really do.

The Dominican Republic will seriously ALWAYS hold a really special place in my heart after this trip. Obviously we were having an incredible time together and making lifelong memories, for sure. But just being in a new country and experiencing more of the world with Jared is a feeling that won't ever get old. We had such a great time talking to the locals and getting just a tiny glimpse into the culture of this beautiful place. This trip has really peaked my interest in learning more about this country and it's people. And it definitely made me want to brush up on the little Spanish I do know and work on improving it!

It really is true what they say: Travel is the only thing you will buy that makes you richer.

Apr 14, 2014

Money Saving Tips + $50 Giveaway!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and All You Magazine, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #lifeforless http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

I've mentioned before that I absolutely LOVE this time of year. Easter, my birthday, Spring… what's not to love?!  The past few couple of days I've been adding more and more Spring decor to my house by getting a little crafty and a little creative. Most people tend to go overboard at Christmas. Me? I am so tempted to purchase every last Spring-related item this time of year. But, as we all know… that's not practical or smart, especially when your BFFs are Sallie & Perkins ;)
So after flipping through All You's most recent magazine I grabbed at Meijer, I felt inspired to get a little more creative and save a little extra money at this time of year. I know it's tempting to want to buy new, bright things for your house or add pastels and florals to your wardrobe, but let's face it. Budgets are in place for a reason!

Jared and I are definitely preparing for a yard sale, but we've been sorting through our clothes to see what might get us a little more money, elsewhere. Have you guys heard of threadflip.com? If you have any type of designer duds you're looking to sell, you'll get much more bang for your buck by selling here. You get paid via PayPal, which makes it easy and safe. Also, any DVDs or books you're looking to sell? Consider the Amazon Marketplace! You'll pay 99 cents per item sold, but if you're looking to sell things quickly, it might be worth checking out.

Usually warmer weather also means the temptation for more nights out to eat. At least for me, the longer days and extra sunlight makes me want to hit up our favorite Mexican place and sit on the patio enjoying good conversation over a pile of guacamole. Those are great on occasion, but we still have to meal plan to stay on track. Try new recipes that don't require too many ingredients, or ones that are based around veggies and items you can get at your local farmer market. 

I pretty much can't function one day without a list, so I always keep my notebook with a grocery list and any coupons we have tucked inside. That way I always feel prepared! The more you plan your menu around the seasons, the less you're likely to splurge 'accidentally' during the week.
A couple small changes to your house at this time of year could add up in the long run. Our thermostat was the original one that came with our 30-year-old house so it finally came time to upgrade. Now, our thermostat can raise and lower the temperature at set times so we have more control over our energy bill! 
Yes, it was DEFINITELY time for an update!
We've also switched out the majority of our light bulbs in our home to all energy efficient ones which we're hoping will save us money over time. It's the simple swaps we sometimes forget when thinking of creative ways to save on regular, everyday life.

I'm excited for the nationwide launch of All You Magazine at Target, Safeway, Kroger, Meijer, and Dollar General. All You's April issue is loaded with coupons for some of your favorite products, great recipe ideas for $10 or less and more money saving tips like the ones I shared here. If you want to pick up your copy, be sure to use the $1 off coupon to save even more while supplies last! What's even better? You've got a chance at a $50 Meijer giftcard today! Just enter the simple form here between now and April 28th and you'll be eligible to win!


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