Love, Fun and Football

Mar 30, 2015

It's Easter Week

Happy Monday! Happy Easter week! Even though it was a chilly weekend in Ohio, I've been loving the touches of Spring throughout our house right now. Cute dish towels, egg decorations and of course breaking out the seasonal candles. Summer Scoop is not recommended for those trying to be healthy... as soon as our house smells like that? I'm tempted to go out and get all kinds of unhealthy treats.

Our weekend was pretty uneventful and that was fine by me. We stayed up way too late Friday night watching basketball so I didn't feel the least bit guilty sleeping in later than normal the next day. Saturday night we had a much overdue dinner, game and puzzle party at our house with Kayla and Caleb. I forgot to take our usual photobooth picture so this one from our last game night will have to do ;)

I love a good board game but you know what I might love even more? Puzzle races. Yes, we team up and take puzzles of the same size (Thanks, Disney!) and see who can finish theirs first. It's a ton of fun and gets pretty intense toward the end. I'm sad to report that the guys beat us this go-around, but we'll get 'em next time.

Also, I'm sure I've mentioned it before on here but Jared and I watch The Walking Dead and HOLY FINALE!!! Also, any thoughts on the spin-off show coming out? I won't spoil anything for those who haven't watched or bore the folks who don't watch- but if you're a fan? Let's talk!

I'm keeping it short and sweet today- hope everyone has a good weekend! PS!!- #4weeksfit officially ends tomorrow so don't forget to post and link-up with Kristin and I tomorrow and see how everyone did on their fitness goals for the month.

Mar 26, 2015

New Side Dishes {Pin to Present}

One of my goals this month was to work on trying some new healthy foods. Most of our dinners are pretty simple during the week. We eat a lot of chicken and ground turkey in a variety of forms, but the side dish is always the afterthought. Many nights it's a steam-able bag of veggies or a salad. Nothing wrong with that, but it really does get boring. So I took it upon myself to finally dig back into that "Side Dish" Pinterest board of mine and give a few things a whirl. Plus, I get to link up with my friend Anne in doing so! :)

I already mentioned that tried a new variety of our roasted cauliflower- following this recipe pretty closely, but I left out the lemon juice. I never ever get tired of cauliflower-based dishes, and this was a nice way to make it. Going on the rotation for sure. I honestly get hungry just looking at this picture.

You all might of seen me get a little adventurous and make Brussels sprouts for the first time. By the way it really is Brussels, plural, not Brussel. It drives me crazy to type that, but it's correct! I didn't use one specific pin/recipe for this, I just kept seeing versions of them popping up on Pinterest and darnit, I needed to try them! The bag they came in suggests olive oil, thyme and pepper with a sprinkle of sugar so I tried it. We have a winner, friends!

Lisa shared with me this recipe- Chili Roasted Carrots. And while I failed as a blogger and forgot to document it, I promise I made them and loved them. Jared was just so-so on these, but he's not a huge fan of carrots to begin with. Fine by me, I'll just pack them with my lunch each time I make them.

And finally- the most exciting for last. Roasted Cabbage with Lime and Sriracha. Oh my gosh... I have found something fabulous. I'd never used Sriracha before and whew! It's definitely got a kick to it- this is a sinus clearing side dish ;) Just stop reading my blog, go pin that recipe and then buy the ingredients as soon as possible. These make a delicious side "salad" for just about anything! Roasted chicken, hearty soups- whatever you're feeling!

It was fun to try some new foods over the past couple of weeks. I don't think I'm the only one who gets in a cooking rut, am I? Well the rut is gone and I have a handful of new, yummy things to make when I need a good side dish. And they all said- Hooray for Pinterest!

Anything you've made/done from those Pinterest boards lately?

Mar 25, 2015

Spring Bucket List

I'm not going to lie, I was typing this bucket list a couple weeks ago back when there was still snow on the ground. I needed something to look forward to and now it's finally acceptable to talk about my favorite time of year! This list was easy to make. Lots of the things on here are things we aim for every year and some are new things I hope to do as the temperatures keep rising. Spring is the BEST time of year, hands down.

Visit our local bike trail. There is an amazing bike path that Jared and I have never done together. We've been using the excuse of not having our own bikes not to go, but I'm ready to just rent them for the day and go for it!

Take a local tour. My sister got us gift certificates for Christmas to do an awesome themed tour of our city, but we've been waiting for some warmer weather to schedule it. There are 8 or so different tours to choose from and they all sound great. Looking forward to getting that on the calendar very soon.

Landscaping.  Jared and I are ready to amp up our home's curb appeal and can't wait to tackle our yard together on a weekend soon. Let's just put it this way, we have neglected our yard a lot since we've lived here. It's just never been high up on the priority list, but now we are really eager to make it an inviting space where we want to hang out on the nice evenings that are sure to come.

See a movie at the drive-in. There is a drive-in within just a few miles of our house and Jared and I have never seen a movie there together. That needs to change this Spring as soon as they open.

Celebrate my birthday. Yes, I'm selfish and it's not for another few weeks ;) But if you've been here any amount of time, you know I get really into birthdays and not just my own. I love a reason to celebrate and hope to spend my birthday with all my favorite people.
My birthday last year- man, that Punta Cana tan was nice!

Watch softball. Okay, that might not sound that fun- but watching Jared play "old man" softball really is a good time. His work always has a league and they'll be starting up soon.

Play some tennis. I really want to be more active this Spring and Summer... enjoying the outdoors in any way I can. We have tennis rackets/balls in our garage that need dusted off and used!

What's on your to-do list this Spring?

Mar 23, 2015

This Weekend

This weekend I... Watched too much basketball. Just kidding, there's no such thing as too much during March Madness! Who's bracket is still alive? Round one went well for me, but I think I'm going downhill from here. My final 4 teams are still hanging in there though!

... Made some delicious meals. We don't normally cook as much on the weekends- we eat out as a date night or finish off leftovers the rest of the weekend. But I was in the mood to cook and one of those meals included roasted cauliflower- my favorite version yet! Just toss the florets in a bag with olive oil and garlic then put them in a (greased) baking dish; sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and roast for 20-25 minutes on 450. After the 20-25 minutes, pull them out, sprinkle parmesan cheese on them and put back in on broil for about 3-5 minutes until they start to brown. OH, YUM!

... Got new running shoes! Jared and I had been saying that after our D.C. half we needed/deserved new shoes. I wasn't sure I needed them but after looking at the soles of mine and then trying on new ones? I could tell mine were worn down and needed to be retired. Plus, the guy at the store was really wanting to make a sale so he threw in 20% off just because. Enter, new Nikes that feel like my feet are on vacation. 

... Attended a bridal shower for one of my cousins. Every time I'm at a bridal shower I want to have mine all over again- is that selfish? ;) I'm excited for their wedding in May- it's just around the corner! Plus my other cousin's brand new baby twins made an appearance and their cuteness was just too much.
... Celebrated our friend's Matt & Cassie and their new baby girl! Funny story, we were all supposed to get together Saturday, but due to a little miscommunication we decided Friday that it wasn't going to be possible. Well it all worked out because Cassie went into labor and had little Ava Rose Saturday! I love you guys, but I might have freaked out if you went into labor while we were there ;) Can't wait to meet that little peanut!

... Realized that Jared and I are horrible at selfies. I mean, how do you guys do it, seriously?! Ours always turn out a mess even after 5-6 attempts. This is as good as it gets, I suppose ;)

... Blinked and our weekend was gone. The weekend flew, but I think that's because it was filled with so many happy moments and reasons to celebrate. I'm excited to conquer another week at work and another week of goals- don't forget about the #4weeksfit challenge! We're linking up the results next Tuesday 3/31! :)