Love, Fun and Football

Aug 26, 2016

3 Months Old!

Today I feel like I've reached the biggest milestone yet of motherhood. My little man is THREE months old! Everyone always said the first 12(ish) weeks are the toughest so the fact that we've made it past that mark makes me feel relieved almost. It has been hard... so hard! But also so incredibly rewarding and awesome. It's amazing to watch a tiny little human grow and learn new things- literally overnight at times. I don't plan on always doing monthly updates on T but I figured a 3-month check in was worthy of a blog post.

According to my unofficial weigh-in's at home he is around 13.5 pounds. He is getting so chunky and I love it. It makes me proud to know I can feed him and he's growing because of ME and what my body can provide! T is wearing mostly 3 month clothes, although sizes are SO weird, so he wears some 0-3 still too. If it's Carter's brand (and the majority of his clothes are!) the 3 month stuff fits perfectly right now.

As of last week T is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. I repeat, SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. I'm talking 10-11 hour stretches. It's incredible. I've probably completely jinxed myself by typing that and telling the world, but right now it is glorious. He goes to bed around 7:30 and is down for the night. Praise the good Lord! Naps during the day still aren't consistent which can be frustrating, but I will happily take the night sleeping and be on my merry way for now :)

His hair is starting to come in more and more which I love. He's got a funny little patch of it in the back, and then some fuzzy stuff going all directions on top. His eyes are still super blue like momma's- and I'm hoping they stay that way. Our doctor commented on them and said even though it's still possible for them to change color, he doesn't see that happening with how incredibly blue T's are.

T is smiley 99% of the time, but I love his serious faces too. We are getting some sounds that are super close to actual laughs. He loves to coo and talk, I've captured some "conversations" on camera that are just the cutest ever. I'm that crazy mom that looks at all her pictures and videos of her kid once he goes to bed for the night. I'm exhausted and so ready for a 'break' and then I instantly miss him when he's sleeping.
I'm sure every stage with a child is so fun but I'm definitely loving the stage we're in now...getting into a groove, being able to predict his needs/moods more, watching him learn, etc. Even if I do look at his newborn pictures and want to cry just a little bit sometimes... Time truly goes SO fast!

Happy weekend everyone :) 

Aug 25, 2016

Crappy vs. Happy

Sometimes crappy things just happen. Little, big... it doesn't really matter. I like to focus on the positive side of things but sometimes you just need to vent about the not so awesome things that happened before you can move on, amiright? So today I'm telling you the crappy stuff from the week, followed by the happy thing that makes it okay. Like...

Crappy:  Jared's super long days right now. Coaching, even at the junior high level, takes up a ton of time. Me and T are missing Jared a lot these days- and vice versa, I hope ;)
Happy: Jared is working with kids in a sport that he loves and making a little extra money in the meantime. Plus, it's a short season in the grand scheme of things. They only play about 8 games and I'm looking forward to watching him coach a couple games this year!
He's the best :)

Crappy:  Living so far from people you love. My parents and grandparents are an hour away, one of my best friends lives an hour away and my only sister is about 9 hours away from me. I wish I could visit those people all the time but I don't know how people do that with babies. Seriously, you people who take long car rides and flights and such?! Mind blown.
Happy: Technology that let's me stay in touch with those people. As much as social media and technology can get annoying (hello, political rants/opinions EVERYWHERE!) I'm thankful for things like Facebook and Skype to talk to those I can't see in person.

Crappy:  Not feeling like there are enough hours in the day to get everything done. Aka- my house never seems to be fully cleaned.
Happy: I'm busy filling my days with my little boy and that is truly all that matters.

Crappy:  Switching insurance plans. With me leaving my job we are having to change all of our insurance which means lots of annoying paperwork and phone calls.
Happy: Thank goodness for Jared's ability to work and the blessing of having medical insurance. It might be a hassle but I'm thankful for it.

Crappy:  Being sore in all kinds of strange places. I started working out last week and whew... It's going to be a challenge to whip this body back into any kind of shape.
Happy: Being sore in all kinds of strange places. Yep! It means I'm moving and doing the right things!

What's the crappy/happy in your week right now??

Aug 23, 2016

The Last 10

I saw someone else post about recent photos on their camera roll last week and since I am constantly lacking inspiration for posts lately, I hijacked their idea today! Now, I'm cheating just a tad because if we're being honest here, probably the last 32 pictures on my phone are of my kid with only a couple other things sprinkled in. Since I don't care to post 32 photos (maybe taken in one day... just saying) of T, I figured I'd share the last 10 non-baby pictures on my phone ;)

1 // A fun mural in Cincinnati. I haven't been downtown much at all since going on maternity leave but I happened upon this on my last stop down there.

2 // Kayla's 25th Birthday Surprise. A couple weeks ago my brother-in-law organized a fun little surprise dinner and I somehow made it out of my house with T so I could be there! Okay, okay... I missed the actual "SURPRISE!" part but I still made it there and even showered that day. #bigdeal

3 // Snapchat fun with Jared. I don't use Snapchat to narrate my day or do anything remotely interesting, but I do love seeing what filters they'll come up with next.

4 // Goodbye, Bengals. The last photo I snapped in my office on the day I cleaned it out and said bye to everyone. Still makes me a little sad to look at it, I won't lie. Never thought it would have been as hard as it was to leave that place.

5 // A Halloween Puzzle. Jared and I love puzzles and do them all the time, especially now that date nights are mostly at home for the time being. We have a ton of Disney puzzles we love but decided to mix it up and grab a festive one we found on Amazon. I cannot wait to bust this one out!

6 // Share 4 Adoption. Wendy's donates $5 toward adoption anytime someone makes the heart with their cup and shares it. Done and done! I love adoption.

7 // We are So Cool! If we aren't doing jigsaw puzzles, you can probably find us nerding out over some Wii games. We have a 3D Toy Story Mania game that we love :)

8 // Best Caeser Chicken Ever. I always screenshot recipes/ingredients on my phone. Anyone else do this? This is my favorite way to make a big batch of caeser chicken in the crockpot. So easy and delicious.
9 // Little clothes! We have the sweetest family and friends. They are always thinking of our little man and always spoiling him. At this rate, Jared and I may not have to buy him clothes until he goes to Kindergarten.

10 // My Buddy. Okay, okay, you knew I couldn't resist sneaking in ONE pic of my little buddy. The day we found out he was a "he" I started referring to him as my little buddy and I still call him that now. I vividly remember how amazing it felt to know "who" was in there kicking around! 

Aug 19, 2016

Football Friday {Link-Up!}

Today might be my most favorite day of the blogging year so far. I get to talk about football - not like I don't do that weekly anyway- but I get to read everyone else's posts on the topic too! Today it doesn't matter who you root for, we are all fans. :) If you've been to my blog even one time, it's pretty obvious I'm a Cincinnati Bengals fan through and through. But just in case you're new here, I figured I would clarify. While I love watching college football, the NFL has always been #1 in my heart.

Something I'm pretty excited about this year is the potential to GO to a home game as a fan since I'll no longer be working game days. The last time Jared and I got to see a game in Cincinnati together was in 2008! A very, cold December game during a season the Bengals only won 4 games. Ouch!

We've been able to get away to a couple of away games over the past few years though and those are still some of my favorite memories with Jared. I've been to games in Cleveland, Indianapolis and Nashville... hoping to keep crossing stadiums off my list! It's fun to be an away fan, too.

We are so crazy about the Bengals that we got engaged on the field and also announced our pregnancy on the field! I wanted to bring T home from the hospital in a Bengals outfit but they were SO big on him it was pointless to try to put it on him. He's all set for this season though and truly, my heart might explode when I get to put a little jersey on him for the first time.

This season will be so different for me and I truly am excited about sitting on my couch with my little family every Sunday afternoon (and night.. and Monday night... And Thursday night! ;)) Maybe football isn't your thing but it's certainly ours. All of my favorite times seem to revolve around either football or a holiday- sometimes both! I love having a house full of people cheering on our favorite team and stuffing ourselves with chips and dip. My favorite cookbook for this time of year is even Bengals-themed!

Family, friends, loads of food and football- what else could a girl need?!
Anyone remember this Super Bowl commercial from last year??

I hope you'll link-up your football related post below and join in the fun. I just ask that you use please good link-up etiquette and link back to my blog/post :) Be sure to hop around and meet some other football lovin' bloggers! As always- WHODEY!