Love, Fun and Football

Oct 28, 2016

Things I Never Want to Forget

The cool thing about blogging is feeling like I have friends all over the country. Katie and I had due dates within a few days of each other so it was fun sharing "notes" while pregnant. Even though T came early and our babies are actually about a month apart, we can now continue to chat and compare and talk through all the new momma stuff we have going on. She posted a beautiful post recently that inspired me to write these things down. Time truly goes so fast and I don't want to ever forget...

How happy and smiley you are when I come to get you up in the morning. I know one day you'll be a smelly teenager and I'll be dragging you out of bed every day. (Say it ain't so!)

How funny all your sounds and squeals are. It seems like every few days you discover a new noise to make and that's all we hear nonstop until the next one comes along.

How no matter what way I put you down in your crib, you end up the opposite way in the morning. You are a little ninja in there, I swear.

How adorable your pouty little lip is right before you start to cry. You don't cry too often, so I gotta' admit it's stinkin' cute.

How you will really only be snuggly as we put you to bed. You finally give in to my snuggling and seem to love my singing as you drift off into dreamland.

How you love to look at yourself in the mirror. You must know you're pretty cute because you always smile and never get tired of checking yourself out.

How big your eyes get when there is something new to look at. A toy, a face... you take it ALL in.

How the most random things make you laugh out loud. The other day I started reading a book and was only a few words in and you laughed bigger than ever!

How much we LOVE YOU!!

Oct 25, 2016

Momma Gets Fit

I mentioned it last month at some point, but Jared and I recently signed up and completed another DietBet together. We'd participated in these challenges a couple years ago and decided it was a great time to get motivated again. Post-baby me was finally ready to take control of my health and fitness once and for all. I'm happy to say we WON our DietBet. I even lost a little more weight than required which felt awesome. It wast seriously just what I needed to start feeling better about myself again. 
If you've never done one before, you essentially just put money into a "pot" and if you reach your goal (Lose 4% in 1 month) you get your money back plus a little bit of winnings. The winnings come in from anyone who didn't meet their goal. That money gets divided up among winners. So while it's not likely you'll get rich doing DietBet, having money on the line is a motivator for me. I definitely don't want to lose my money... and if I make an extra $10-15 that's great too! 

Once we started our month-long DietBet it really motivated us to get movin' more and also to say no to treats and sweets too. Month after month I kept using the excuse of, "Well, we have a new baby! It's okay to eat out or not exercise..." Sure, that's okay to some extent, but if I kept doing that I was going to end up at 500 pounds ;) Our DietBet helped us slap those step counters back on and helped us get excited about healthy meal options again.

I still have a ways to go to meet my ultimate fitness goals so we decided to sign up for another challenge this month too. If you want to join me in the challenge you can sign up for the game I'm doing here. You still have time to weigh-in and the final weigh-in is right before Thanksgiving. Perfect timing if you ask me ;) By the way, I get absolutely nothing for sharing about this- I just believe in the game and it makes losing weight a little more fun. I also love following them on Instagram for awesome success stories and fun/funny motivational posts.

This month, in addition to the changes we made last month, I am going to TRULY make a huge effort to cut out most sugar from my diet. Just typing that makes me scared because this girl loves her sweets- but I know it'll be worth it if I can do it! What are your fitness goals over the next month or so? Anyone else trying to shed some pounds before the pumpkin pie starts rolling out?? :)

Oct 24, 2016

A New Opportunity

Hey, remember me? The gal who went totally missing from blogland all last week? I don't even know what happened. Time just went flying by and I couldn't find the time (or motivation) to sit down at the computer and blog at all. Don't worry- you didn't miss too much. Last week was fairly uneventful until FRIDAY because. . . drumroll, please.

I got a job! Yes, you read that correctly and I am just thrilled! It's a very part-time role right now that I will be able to do mostly from home which completely blows my mind. When I left my job at the Bengals I'd hoped that eventually something part-time would work out somewhere. I'd honestly been browsing part-time positions or jobs that I could do remotely but it never seemed like I was qualified or that it would work for me whenever I'd see a job posting. Until this gig came along. I saw the posting, immediately applied and said my prayers that this was meant to be.

After a casual interview at an adorable coffee shop, I was offered the job a couple days later and have already done a few hours of training. I don't need to go into all the details right now but I'll essentially be an assistant for someone and their business. Handling emails and some customer service type of matters to start, and then potentially growing the role into other things as I learn the ropes and take on more.

I seriously can't put into words how excited I am for this opportunity. Since leaving my full-time job there have been SO many days I doubted my decision, or worried about what the future would hold for me and my family. While we were financially prepared for me not to work, it wasn't initially what we had in mind just a few short months ago. And other than the financial side of things, I was having trouble feeling like I was "just" a stay-at-home-mom. I knew I wanted to continue to use my talents and abilities and I knew something would work out one day- I just didn't know when.

So I'll be working from home for the first time this week, just a handful of hours but I cannot wait to get started. I have no doubts that this is where I'm supposed to be right now :) Happy, Happy Monday!

Oct 17, 2016

A Fabulous Weekend

What a FABULOUS weekend!! Isn't it great when a weekend doesn't necessarily hold some special event or some epic happening, but it's still awesome?? Jared and I truly soaked in every ounce of this weekend with each other and with T and it couldn't have gone better.

Friday I had a couple errands to run so while my boys held down the fort I was out and about for a few hours. I had a package to pick up from my old office so I swung by there to grab it while I was out. It was nice to see my boss and the familiar faces that I worked with for so long. As cheesy as this might sound... it feels like home when I go there. I'm comfortable, I'm welcomed with open arms and it's like I never left. Me staying home is the best option for our family, but it's nice to be in touch with my work peeps here and there. There were talks of a "reunion" happy hour so I hope someone puts those plans into action.

After meeting with a contractor first thing Saturday morning, we hit up a tiny, local Halloween/Fall fest in our area. Obviously T is too young to enjoy or appreciate these things, but it was a beautiful day to get out and enjoy the festivities. We got him his own little mini pumpkin which he was totally unimpressed with. 

That night Jared and I entertained ourselves with Snapchat filters and tried out the Halo ice cream everyone has been raving about. Our verdict is that we liked it, but we didn't LOVE it. After awhile, I felt like I really noticed that artificial sweetener after-taste that some of you might be familiar with. It's a nice treat to have when you're trying not to indulge too much, but I didn't go completely ga-ga over it.

My Bengals lost horribly on Sunday. That makes two weeks of ugly losses in a row. While it's brutal and I hate it- I must admit something. It's WAY easier to get over a team loss when I'm not going into work there the very next day. I mean, WOW! I knew it would be different going from an employee to a fan, but I never imagined it would feel this different. I like being a fan, I'll tell you that much! It's much less emotional, no matter the outcome.

I'm excited about this week and all it could hold for me. Cheers to a fresh start!