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Jul 22, 2014

Sallie & Perkins: A Challenge

Hi friends, it's us again! We've been busy little debt-slashers this summer and so our posts have been a bit more spaced out. But we've missing talking to you all and hope to have more fun and frugality packed into this blog going forward. Throughout the past year of posting all about our journey to be debt-free, I've talked to SO many of you about your own situations. Everyone's financial situation is different of course, but there seems to be an underlying theme I hear from so many of you.

"We've got too much debt… we don't even know where to start!"


"There is zero room in our budget to make extra payments!"

or even

"Isn't there going to be a government loan forgiveness thing?!" 
(For the record- very few people will even qualify for this, read your facts friends!)

And to those things? I call Bullcrap. Now don't get me wrong… when we sat down to create a plan for our debt, and that huge number of almost $50k was staring back at us? We felt helpless and weren't sure that where we were starting even made sense. But we did it. We sucked it up, made the budget and worked to stick to it each and every month. And look where we are now! Well on our way to being debt free and our debt feels like NOTHING compared to what it was 12 months ago. So we're here to encourage you today because we KNOW you can do this!

Like I've said in the past, just because we've made it a goal to pay off thousands every month, doesn't mean everyone wants to, or has the ability to that. And that's okay! We live in a small house with an affordable mortgage, we don't have kids or medical bills, both of our old cars are paid off and we both have full-time jobs. Our plan fits us and our stage of life. Don't let what we do (or anyone else does!) affect your attitude towards your own debt. Comparison is a nasty thing and can happen with finances and debt, too. Maybe your plan this month can be just to pay an extra $100 on your smallest loan. You can find $100, I know it! Just look at those past 2 Target receipts.

So Sallie and Perkins are challenging you. Start thinking about your spending and try to pick one thing to cut back on, or completely eliminate this month. Make it your goal to put that money toward your smallest debt and get that snowball rolling. Cut back on the expensive coffee and make yours from home. Stop shopping online just because it's "on sale" or you have a coupon and keep that money in your bank account. If you've got kids, don't buy them any non-necessities this month no matter how "cute" it might be. They've got enough stuff, I promise.

Sallie and Perkins would LOVE to talk with some other budget-minded people and hear about what you're doing to give you or your family a sense of financial peace. If you ever post about debt-elimination, setting a budget- anything S&P would be giddy about, send it our way! We'd love to feature you in our series or just have someone to keep us motivated, as well. The more the merrier, we say!
Paying off debt makes us HAPPY!

Remember.. you're the only one stopping yourself!!

Jul 21, 2014

Still Head-Over-Heels

This weekend was an Erin and Jared kinda' weekend. We went to dinner and a movie Friday night and liked it so much we did it again on Saturday night! What?! One night was Chipotle (with a gift card) + the cheap dollar theater so don't worry, Sallie & Perkins approved of us treating ourselves to TWO date nights in one weekend. Life's been entirely too busy so it was nice to carve out the quality time for US and actually go do things together.

We were too busy having fun all weekend to take any photos, and I kinda' enjoyed it that way :) Sunday after church we definitely had more of a lazy-around kinda' day and I spent a ridiculous amount of time working on photobooks. I'm trying to organize/sort/delete photos from the computer as I go, to make things easier to find in the future so it's quite the project. It's easy to get sucked into the archives and waste a few hours at a time on it!
fall photoshoot

As I was sorting, I came across some pictures of Jared and I about a month after we'd gotten engaged.  It was early October, 2010. We'd set up a tripod in the yard and just had some fun taking pictures with all the freshly turned leaves and with our exploding happiness from the engagement. I look at these pictures and love that you can just see those cheesy grins of ours and see the happiness jumping out of the pictures. They make me smile to look back at them, remembering such a fun time in our lives- we had just started our wedding planning, we were thinking about honeymoon destinations and trying to decide where we wanted to live. 
fall photoshoot
fall photoshoot
fall photoshoot

But more than that? They make me smile because I feel just as head-over-heels for that man as I did four years ago. Actually more, because our relationship grows month after month in ways I can't even explain. I don't always get mushy on this blog, but I'm just feeling extra thankful for our marriage lately. My life is complete because of this guy :) God has truly blessed our marriage and I know he'll continue to do that if we keep Him first.

Alright, alright. Enough of all this serious stuff. Let's wrap things up in true LFF fashion. A fun picture, of course. Because no photoshoot would be complete without a classic Erin/Jared picture. Have a great Monday!
fun couple photoshoot

Jul 18, 2014

The Week That Got Away

I'm going to keep things short and sweet today because I'm just too darn tired to do anything else. There, I said it! This week got away from me a little bit. It's funny how weeks will go by where I do nothing but go to work and come home every day… and then all of a sudden a week like this happens and I barely have time to catch my breath!

Work is really picking up and this may come as a shock to some of you-- but football season has basically started! Well, it officially will next week when we kick off training camp. So the office is a busy, busy place right now. It does make the days go a lot faster though, so I'm definitely not complaining. Just excuse my glazed-over eyes.

Besides being busy at work I squeezed in the Cincinnati blate, two of Jared's softball games and a fun night with my girl Lacey last night. It's made for some late nights, but they've all been worth it. I've been feeling some very real loneliness lately, but I definitely made up for lost time and crammed in all the girl-time possible in the past few days. I needed it in the worst way.

And now? I need some time with my husband in the worst way. As we were getting ready for bed earlier this week, we couldn't remember the last time we did a classic "dinner and a movie" date. That seems to be the opposite of other people… the ones who say that's all they EVER do. I think the last dinner/movie we did was Thanksgiving weekend when we saw Catching Fire in theaters. So tonight, if you need me, I'll have one hand laced with Jared's, and the other hand in the popcorn. Enjoy your weekend, friends!

Jul 16, 2014

Cincinnati Blate {Round 2}

It amazes me how many bloggers there are in the area! Cincinnati is clearly the blogging capital of the world ;) Last fall we had a fun get together with about 12 or so of us and we knew it was time for another giant blate. And since everyone loves Mexican food, we wound up at the same place as our last get-together! Oh, and I'll apologize now for the quality of most of these photos. Apparently lighting is not good at Mexican restaurants!
Becca  //  Ashley  //  Heather
Brittany  //  Meredith  //  Jessica
Kayla  //  Me!  //   Jax
Katie  //  Whitney  // Allison
This time there were 18 of us! Yes, 18 bloggers all in one place. I felt a little sorry for the other people in the restaurant… but only a little ;) It was great catching up with gals I'd met a few times, meeting girls I'd read along with but never met in person AND discovering some brand new bloggers and getting to know them.
Allison  // Brittany  // Emma  //  Jessica  //  Heather //  Me
Thanks Sarah, for the group shot!
It's amazing the friendships that have come from blogging. I know, I know- I've said that a zillion times, but it's true. I got to finally meet Whitney in person and she was just as sweet and genuine as I knew she would be. It was the first time we hugged, but I felt like we'd "known" each other forever. Plus, Allison and I have become good friends over the past year and a half and I'm so thankful for her friendship. She let me rub her adorable preggo belly last night- THAT is what kindof level of friendship we're on.
Love these ladies so much!!



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