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Dec 21, 2014

Runners Tell All: Reflections and Goals

I haven't linked up with my runner friends in awhile, so I thought what better time than the end of the year? This year was a huge rollercoaster for me, as far as running goes. I started consistently training for an actual race early in 2014. I was a novice runner and signed up for my first ever half-marathon. Jared and I trained together most of the time, which helped a lot. He kept me motivated and pushed me when I needed pushed. I was seeing differences in my speed, as well as my mileage, and I was getting excited about accomplishing a huge feat I never thought I would.

Sadly my new found love for running wasn't easy on my body and I didn't take care of myself as I probably needed to. I rarely stretched or cooled down after a good run and one day, sure enough, I pushed a little too hard and hurt my hip pretty badly. I thought a week off would be plenty, but that first run I tried? Still excruciating pain. I took 3-4 weeks off, only walking here and there when I could, everything else was too painful. About three weeks before the race I started back into some super slow jogging and even that was tough. I knew the race would be a monster to accomplish.

But I did it! I recapped everything about that race here, but it was the hardest and most painful thing I've ever done. Crossing that finish line was something I will never forget. I will also never forget the pain I felt for weeks afterwards. I swore I'd never do another half-marathon, I swore it was a one time thing.
After I'd recovered from the race Jared and I got back into somewhat of a routine, lifting weights and running here and there, but running eventually got put on a back burner. And now here I am at the end of 2014 realizing how much I've missed it. I haven't made running a priority lately, but the few runs I have gotten in? They made me feel alive again! Cheesy, sure... but it's the truth.

So looking forward to 2015, I have high hopes for myself as a runner. Jared and I are signed up for two half-marathons in the Spring already, and may even add another one later in the year. I learned a lot this year about running, about my body and what I'm capable of, too. Going into 2015 I want to proudly take on the title of "runner" ... not just, a wanna-be who doesn't know what she's doing but sometimes moves her feet on the pavement ;)

Dec 19, 2014

'Twas the Weekend Before Christmas

'Twas the weekend before Christmas, when all through the house
Erin was running around like a mad woman, enough to scare a mouse.
A stocking was hiding in some forgotten box somewhere,
At least they didn't have kids expecting St Nick to be there.

Jared was nestled all snug in his bed,
While Erin made sugar-plums, fudge, and pumpkin bread.
Her outfit was a fright, gosh how she needed a nap,
But all she could think about was how to hide all this crap?!

When out on their tiny lawn there arose such a clatter,
Erin sat down her spatula and sat down her batter.
She marched to the front door, quick as a flash,
Knocked those silly bells off the door and then threw them in the trash.

The moon was bright that night but still no sign of snow,
If only the rain would freeze we'd be ready to go!
When, what did Erin's wondering eyes should appear,
But a delivery truck man with eyes like a deer.

Up to the house he walked, so rushed and so quick,
Erin knew in a moment it was from Amazon One-Click.
More rapid than eagles those packages they came,
The delivery man smiled and called out my name.

"Erin! Oh, how I sure hope that's your name!
You're my last stop of the evening,
so don't you dare play a game!"

He spoke not another word, but went straight to work,
Having me sign for the package, then turned with a jerk.
And waving his hand he quickly said goodbye with a wave,
And back to his truck, leaving behind a trail of aftershave.

Erin sprang inside to the house, so joyful she could shout,
For this was the last gift of the season, without a doubt!
She wrapped that package with haste and finally called it a night,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!

Dec 17, 2014

Giving Back

Last week Jared and I ventured out after work one night to do a little Christmas shopping. Not just your regular 'ole shopping, but shopping for people we'd never met. Our church does one of those "giving tree" things around the holidays where they encourage people to take an ornament off the tree and help a family in need. Most of the families or individuals on the tree are in a tough spot in life and definitely don't have any extra money to spend on gifts. The gifts from others might be the only ones they get this year.

I don't talk about this to toot my own horn. In fact, I'm here to share quite the opposite. When Jared and I met up right after a long, pretty annoying, day at work I just wasn't in the Christmas spirit. I had been looking forward to shopping for this family, but once the time had come it was hard to feel excited about it. I was tired, I was hungry and after all- it's not like we have loads of extra money. We're trying to pay off our debt! We don't just have tons of extra cash, but here we are spending money on people we don't know.

What a horrible attitude right? Jared and I disagreed about what to get the family multiple times before he could tell something was up. I admitted that because of my bad day, my heart just wasn't in it that night and I felt like we were spending too much money at first. Jared, bless his soul, heard me out and spoke carefully but convincingly:

"You had a bad day, and that does stink. But you were getting paid for being there. And you had a car to get you home safely. And dinner waiting on us back at our house. And boots to keep your feet dry tonight."

My mind:  Crap. He's so right.

He continued, "It may seem like a lot of money right now, but think about this family actually opening these gifts. Think about how the very simple things they asked for will help them enjoy this season a little bit more."

It's true- they asked for socks, shampoo, aftershave, a new pan, some kitchen utensils. I was humbled as I realized that the things they want for Christmas are things I take for granted. Things I can easily pick up anytime I want or "need" them. It was the reality check I needed, for sure. I was able to finish up the shopping and wrap those gifts with a joyful heart that evening. I hope you'll use my bad attitude on that night to remember the families and friends that are less fortunate than you. I hope you'll give back in some way, no matter how big or how small this year. Tis the season!

Dec 16, 2014

Sallie & Perkins: A Holiday Greeting

Sometimes technology doesn't seem to work with us how we want. You see, Sallie & Perkins had worked long and hard to bring a holiday vlog to you all, seeing as how other than that one music video, we haven't done any "live" posts for our faithful readers and friends. Let's just say after one too many tangled up cords and "memory card full" error messages, we gave up. But don't fret- we've got something else for you instead ;) There's not a lot of news just yet from us so instead sit back, relax and enjoy the following. Just a quick holiday greeting to let you all know how things look in our world these days.


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