Love, Fun and Football

Aug 29, 2014

There's a Koala in my Post.

We made it to Friday, friend! The Friday of a long-weekend, at that! I feel like Labor Day weekend completely snuck up on me this year somehow. Must be that whole 'time is going entirely too fast' feeling that we all constantly have, right? Regardless of how it got here, I'm looking forward to a long weekend with some gym time, relaxing, fantasy football drafting (Sign up here, it's not too late!) and that's about it! Bring it on weekend :) Linking up with Amanda today.

Favorite Moment:  Last night's preseason game being OVER! It was game 4 and that means the REAL games can get underway now. As an employee, there is just sooooo much work that goes into these early games that don't even count... it's exhausting! But I survived :) And now all the hard work will actually mean something. Let's go Bengals!!

Favorite New Snack: Just discovered these bad boys at Costco. Oh, yeah.... Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Snappers. Basically everything that is right in the world is in this snack ;) I'm not always a huge sweets person, but the perfect mix of sweet AND salty?! Oooooh I'm in trouble! These are seriously delicious and were a huge hit for our first football-watching party!

Favorite Recipe: I love a good quinoa dish and finally made this delicious Buffalo Chicken Quinoa my SIL and some friends have been raving over. Yes, you need to add it to your weekly menu. Yum!

Favorite Funny: I love both of these entirely too much!

Favorite Workout: Pretty much every Friday is my favorite day to workout. It's funny because I'll leave work feeling soooo drained but by the time I get to the gym I'm psyched to be there. I think all my frustrations from the week have built up and I end up having the best workout of the week. Tonight, we're killing our arms and I.CANT.WAIT.

Hope your week was full of a zillion favorites! Enjoy your Friday and your long weekend! 

Aug 26, 2014

Dinner with Straight from the Grill Flavor!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NewFromHormel #CollectiveBias

I'm sure I sound like a broken record many times during the fall months, but when your life is a continuous stream of late nights, weekends and football games things start to run together so much that I can't always form an original thought on this blog. You understand right? Not only is it tough to form an original thought, but it's this time of year that I struggle the most to have delicious dinner options for Jared and I that also have high quality ingredients
ready-to-go proteins #shop

Hormel's new Everyday Scratch and Hot Sandwich Meats have been a huge time-saver, if you ask me. It's nice to have a versatile protein that I know has ZERO preservatives in it. I can't tell you how many late nights I've run into Kroger, just scrounging for something to whip up for dinner and have ended up purchasing something totally unhealthy just because it was more convenient. Now my local Kroger is carrying these bad boys and I am thrilled! You can find them in the refrigerated entrees section, fyi... so you don't go wandering around aimlessly near the pizzas like I typically do.
High quality ingredients #shop
Straight from the grill flavor  #shop
Low-carb dinners are pretty much what Jared and I strive to serve each night. When I plan ahead and we use our crockpot, this typically isn't a problem. But it happens without fail that there are nights we just didn't plan for and it's all too easy to grab something unhealthy in the drive through. Hormel's ready-to-go proteins have made this much easier. I'm loving their Rotisserie chicken that is vacuum sealed and takes just three minutes in the microwave. Throw in a side of veggies and you've got a complete meal!
Straight from the grill flavor

Jared particularly loves the Philly Steak hot sandwich meat that is #NewFromHormel. Again, just a few minutes in the microwave! I'm sure it would be delicious on a bun (for all you carb lovers!) but it's just as delicious and filling on a bed of lettuce and topped with cheese!
made from scratch cooking

If you want to try these tasty new products yourself use this coupon for Hormel's Everyday Scratch to save $1 off any variety or $1 off their Hot Sandwich Meat

A Little Life Update

I totally skipped out on a Monday post... which felt weird and good at the same time. Life is charging ahead faster than ever, that's the plain and simple truth. Football season always brings about more hours and obligations and unfortunately I already feel myself falling behind on life. So what does that mean? It means my blog posts may get a little less frequent, but don't give up on me or get offended if I take a bit longer to get back to emails and tweets. I'll be here when I can, but my career is just more important right now. I know many of you can relate!
Football Season 2010! Throwback! :)

In the spirit of keeping things simple around here I figured a life update in list(ish) form was easiest and best for us all. Here goes nothing:

- Jared and I had our first ever yardsale over the weekend! We were ridiculously last minute throwing it together but it ended up being a big success. We priced EVERYTHING Thursday evening and got about 4 hours of sleep before we woke up to haul everything outside, put our signs up and get to work. We got rid of a good amount of junk and will be donating the rest this week. Sallie & Perkins were happy to hear about the extra cash we pocketed, too.

- I am obsessed with my niece. Okay, this isn't news... but Skyping with her just gets more and more fun as she gets older! She is starting to recognize us (I think!) and has fun waving to us, playing peekaboo, showing us books and anything else cute you can think of. I love that little girl so much! Being an Aunt is honestly THE coolest thing ever!

- The gym is seriously getting addicting. I have waited for this feeling to hit me for SO long and it finally has. I am loving the regular routine Jared and I have gotten into and the fact that I can tell I'm getting stronger. The feeling of adding weights to a machine and being able to rep it out? I feel like super woman!!!

- One of my cousins just found out she's having twins and I'm entirely too excited for her! TWINS! Can you imagine? I think I would be all about that 2-for-1 deal! ;)

- I have been a cooking machine lately. Between the freezer meals I've stocked us with and trying some new recipes here and there Jared and I have been eating pretty darn well! My goal is going to be to freezer cook once a month to give us those 10-12 meals to have on hand for our busiest nights. It makes life easier and I'm all about easy.

- I haven't gotten my camera out much ately, but I have been working on my Shutterfly photobooks still. I'm slowly organizing my digital photos along the way and it feels nice to be cleaning up my computer while I make something cute, too! I randomly came across these pics Kayla DropBoxed me from their wedding (yes- over a year ago) and I kinda' love them. Even though someone was creeping on Jared and I ;) These are the moments that matter in life!

That's all folks! Hope that was enough of a life update. Thank you all for always reading and commenting 
and supporting :) You're the BEST.

Aug 22, 2014

Football Friday {Come Link Up!}

Football season is here, people. Whether you're a diehard college football fan, a faithful NFL tailgater every single Sunday (...and Monday ...and Thursday) or just a casual fan who's in it for the social aspect... I think we can all agree this is the absolute best time of the year. Link-up with me and all the other football-lovin' gals and be sure to hop around and meet from new friends or talk some trash. Whichever you prefer ;)

Orange and black, it's what I bleed,
No other colors will I need.
The Bengals are my team through and through,
If you aren't a fan, well psh- forget you!

Just a little original poem by yours truly to kick things off. It's not like I need to announce who my favorite team is. I'm pretty sure it's evident in 9/10 of my blog posts. I'm a Cincinnati Bengals girl for all of eternity and I've got a wardrobe of black and orange to prove it. I just naturally gravitate toward anything orange. I'm serious.

Just in the past couple of years I've become interested in college football. I know, I know... what's wrong with me?? Who doesn't love college sports?? I've just always been an NFL girl, but since I now have a client who passes some Ohio State tickets my way each year, I've come to appreciate college ball a LOT more. Go Buckeyes! 

Since I'm always working and don't get to enjoy the home games much, I bask in the weeks of away games. I LOVE hosting our friends on a Bengals away week and making all kinds of delicious appetizers for everyone to inhale enjoy during the game. Some of my favorite game-day food items can be found on my Snacks & Apps board on Pinterest. The below is my all-time favorite though. Easy and addicting, so I recommend tripling this recipe for a crowd!

Jared and I also have made it to a couple away games in the past few years, and we're hoping to add a new NFL stadium to our list this year when we make a weekend trip to see our guys play the Colts. One day I hope to see EVERY NFL stadium. And potentially the University of Phoenix stadium on February 1st next year... just saying ;)

And I still love the fact that Jared and I got engaged on a football field. I still love looking back at the pictures, remembering how COMPLETELY caught off guard I was. I mean, for goodness sake, I didn't wash my hair that morning! But I love that "our story" is so tied into football. It's seriously so much of how Jared and I got together, our dating years, our engagement and continues to be a huge part of our lives now. It may just be a sport to some, but to us.. it's a way of life :)


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