Currently: August Edition

Two blogs posts in one week and it's only Wednesday? What has gotten into me, right?! ;) It's time for my favorite post and link-up of the month, of course!  I'm joining in with Anne and her cohost of the month, Shea, for the Currently link-up. Check out their blogs and link-up, it's fun! I'm Currently...

Snacking On: 
Blackberries. I have been popping them like crazy this past week- yum! I seriously cannot get enough of them. Bonus, T loves them too and we can share :)

Another big month of selling books as an Usborne consultant! I met all my goals for the first month which was super exciting as someone totally new to the world of direct sales. The books truly do make it easy though, because I love them and anyone who checks them out loves them as well. I need to meet quite a few goals in month two in order to promote up, eek! I'm ready to put the work in and make it happen.

Lawn tools? Ha! The list of things we want/need with a new house grows daily it seems. In the meantime, I'm thankful for friends and family that let us borrow stuff we just aren't quite ready to purchase at the moment. (Psst- for Christmas I will take Lowes gift cards, please and thank you ;))

My adorable kid! While he can be a total monster from time to time (I'm talking to you, one-year molars) I also just can't get over how stinkin' awesome he is most of the time. I look at him learn and do new things every week and can't help but admire "my work" ya know? He is at such a fun age and he's my best little buddy, even on the hard days. And yes, our selfie game is strong.

Honestly, nothing. We are back on track, back to sticking to our budget and keeping our wallets closed. Other than the necessities, we won't be spending "for fun" for awhile now. The house needs are a priority but even those we are doing little by little. Gosh, being an adult is so much fun ;)

Link-up and tell me what you're currently up to!

The Last(s)

Happy Monday, everyone! Since we're wrapping up July today I thought I'd throw things back to the MySpace/Xanga days (yeah, I had both of those!) and write about a few "lasts" of mine.

Last thing I ate: Well, I'm writing this and haven't had breakfast yet- so I guess I had some gummy bears last night after dinner. Oops. And also, yum.

Last text I sent: "I will!" with like 8 various emojis after it.

Last book I read: I finished The Things We Keep. Didn't love it, and certainly don't get the hype that was around it. But I'm currently reading Betrayed by Lisa Scottoline, one of my favorite authors, and it's really good so far.

Last time I laughed: Over the weekend there was a lot of laughter for a lot of different reasons. I like that I can't think of the last specific incident because it means I was laughing all weekend :)

Last thing you bought: Other than groceries (so boring) I finally found T a pair of shoes. At the Nike outlet for half price- score!!

Last movie you saw: Well I have not seen a movie in theaters since BEFORE T WAS BORN. Isn't that ridiculous?! However, I finally (!!) got to rent and watch Hidden Figures and it did not disappoint. I knew I would love it, it was just a matter of finally sitting down to watch it. Great movie!

Last thing you googled: Perry Mackin bags. I went to the Cincinnati Baby & Beyond Expo over the weekend and scored a ton of awesome freebies. Diapers, wipes, snack pouches, toys, free gym/swim passes and a lot of really good coupons and discounts too! Perry Mackin had a booth set up there and while I'd never heard of them, I fell in love with her bags. Lots of diaper bags, but they can serve many purposes. I'm kicking myself for not buying one now, since she had a great discount for those in attendance. Dangit, they are so pretty!!

Last thing I want to share with you: Please consider donating to my fundraiser for books for kids in foster care! These books will help give kids who sometimes have nothing of their own, something to cherish and love. A brand new book would mean the world to them!!

Talking 'Bout Time

You know what is so awesome about blogging? Y'all know everything. Truly. I love that I can ask a random question about kids shoes on here and get a wealth of ideas and information within hours, sometimes minutes! It's incredible! Thank you to everyone for your suggestions this week. T's little feet are going to be styling (on a budget!) very soon again :)

I find it really hard to believe that we are about to finish up the seventh month of 2017. Time is always escaping us, but this whole year feels like a blur. From prepping our house and selling it within days; to temporarily moving in with family; to building our new house and moving into it; to hosting T's birthday party and then leaving for a family vacation; to a looooong summer of crutches... seriously- where is the year 2017 disappearing to? 

I know everyone says not to wish time away, blah blah blah but I'm ready for fall and I'm ready to somehow make fall feel like it lasts forever! I'm looking forward to doing a lot of fall activities with T now that he is older and can enjoy some of them a little more. Last fall that little peanut slept through anything we did OR was going to bed too early to take along with us. Not this year- bring on the pumpkin patch pictures!! 
Throwback to last year's Halloween- OMG.

And another thing to look forward to- for those counting... The Bengals regular season opener is in 43 days. WOOP! With all this talk of time, it sure seems like it's been FOREVER since football season. It can't come soon enough. Where my football people at???

And you know what else is coming soon? School. Back-to-school season is definitely here according to social media and every store I've visited in the past week. Man, I wish I had a reason to buy school supplies. I mentioned it earlier this week, but this time of year had me really thinking about a way to give back. I'm starting a fundraising campaign to raise money to donate books to children in foster care in my area. If you click THIS LINK you can read a little more about the programs I want to donate to and my goals for the upcoming week or so. No donation is too small, please consider helping this cause. If you can't donate, please share! Thank you in advance.

Send Coffee + Help Me Shop

Little T, who doesn't seem so little anymore, is 14 months old today. I think I'll stop talking in months once he's one and a half. But telling people he's 1 feels like a lie because his first birthday party was approximately a decade ago at this point! ;) T is changing by the day, possibly transitioning from 1 nap to 2 and also getting a mouthful of teeth right now. Someone send help. And coffee.

Between my part-time job, my new book venture and just keeping up with T, life has felt a little extra crazy lately. I don't know how you working mama's or two-job-people do it all! However, now that we're starting to feel like our new house is actually ours, we are making an effort to schedule things with friends again. We hosted our first game night in the new house last weekend- complete with cowboy caviar, and I went out for pizza with some girlfriends Monday night. After being cooped up for six weeks on crutches, I was in some serious need of social interaction. Next up on my social calendar will be hanging with my physical therapy peeps 3 nights a week- wahoo! ;)

In other "mom news" I need to know what your favorite place to shop for shoes kids is... because I can't find anything for T that I like and is also affordable. Maybe I'm just a cheapo but I couldn't believe the prices I was seeing for basic shoes for such a little foot. I was looking at Kohl's over the weekend thinking I'd score a good deal but they hardly had anything! Obviously I would love to get him like seven pairs of these in all colors/styles, but I'm going for practical here. I want a tennis shoe with velcro like this and a nicer, neutral shoe too. Help!

One final random thought for today- I'm partnering with someone for a fundraiser that I'm really excited about and can't wait to share with you all. It's something near and dear to my heart that I've been working on for awhile and I'm excited about it's potential.