Apr 24, 2017

A Winning Weekend

Thanks again to everyone for all the birthday wishes over the past week or so. I have truly felt so much love and had one of the best birthday's ever. I felt spoiled all week/weekend long and now I have to come back to the reality of Mondays- blah. ;)

My siblings-in-law schemed with Jared to surprise me with a little grill-out and THIRTY balloons Friday night. It was a fun evening with delicious burgers, sweet gifts and an incredible bonfire that survived the sprinkling of rain that tried to ruin our fun. Also, Jared and I got a photo of the two of us together (without T) for probably the first time in a year so I consider that night a win!

Thank you for snapping this photo, Kayla!

My 30 balloons and my adorable beach tote I got for vacation! 
The rest of our weekend was a little bit of everything. Errands, a trip to Lowes, evening walks and of course catching some sneak peaks inside the construction of our new house. When we walked through, the tile in our bathroom was starting to be installed which was exciting to see! I've said it numerous times, but it is seriously nerve-wracking to see a tiny sample of something in the showroom and choose it to go all over your house. I can't wait until the flooring/carpet start going in because I think it will truly feel like it's all coming together then.
Master bath on the left and top right; bottom right was some of our counter tops and banisters that aren't in yet

This week my sister and niece will be in town and I am SO excited to spend some time with them! I know Aunt Brittney is excited to see T and I am excited to celebrate my niece turning 4 and spoil her with some gifts. I may have went a little bit overboard- oops. It has been way too long since I've seen them both.

Not a lot of concrete plans this week and I'm definitely okay with that. Happy Monday!

Apr 21, 2017

Favorite Birthday Ever

It's official. 30 has probably been my favorite birthday of all time. Jared made me feel like the most special gal in the entire world yesterday. He surprised me by taking off work, which I didn't know until I came downstairs to make a bottle for T and he was still there! He was making chocolate chip pancakes in the kitchen and had some gifts waiting on me. 

My big gift was a zoo membership for our family which I was SO pumped about! It's something we've talked about getting for awhile but hadn't totally decided on yet. Well, Jared made the arrangements, got the passes, and surprised me by taking off work that day! So the three of us headed to the Cincinnati Zoo for our first ever family trip. T was pretty enthralled by it all, especially the fish and the giraffes and I can't wait for return visits all year round!

After a few hours we headed back home to lay low until dinner. While Jared and I discussed where we might head out to after T went to bed, the doorbell rang and MUCH to my surprise, my bestie showed up!!! Jared and Lacey had been scheming behind the scenes to surprise me and they absolutely did. Lacey got off work and immediately drove an hour to come meet me for dinner and pedicures, all scheduled and arranged by Jared. I love those two A LOT!

It was the perfect mix of time with my boys and some time with my girl being pampered a little too. Not to mention all the cards, texts, calls, Facebook messages, etc from friends and family with their well wishes. I couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate turning 30. I have felt the love, for sure! Now let's here it for the weekend!!!

Apr 20, 2017

This is 30

The day has come, my friends. I am officially a 30-year-old today. When and how that happened, I couldn't tell you, but it's the truth. Happy Birthday to me!

30 has always been that "magical" age where I thought I'd have it all. The dream job, the house, the family, the money, you name it... for some reason 30 just sounded like the age that life really was booming for people. And let's just put it out there. My life is nothing that I'd dreamed up years ago. Is it better, is it worse? No, it just IS. Life is full of its up and downs. I've made countless decisions and taken numerous paths to get to where I am today. I don't know where it will continue to lead me, but I'm certainly going to enjoy the ride.

What I do know for sure? 
I'm happy with myself. 
I don't look to others for validation.
I believe in my marriage and in my role as a wife and mother.
I cherish "me time" and have no problem saying no when I need to.
I still make mistakes, but I always learn from them.
I value a good night's sleep, but still stay up too late, too often.
I have fallen in love with convenience- if it will save me time, sign me up.
I am totally blessed with this life I've been given.
I will still pick the Cincinnati Bengals to go to the Super Bowl. Every. Single. Year. ;)

So cheers to 30 years. Cheers to living life and embracing every age and stage.

Apr 18, 2017

NEW HOME: Guest Room/Office

I'm back for another post dreaming about our new house. It's been a couple weeks but I'm still pinning and stalking ideas for how we want to set up and eventually decorate. We've decided we want to have an office/guest room combination. Since I do work from home 10 hours a week right now, I'd like to have a dedicated space to get things done. Right now I kinda' work on the fly from anywhere with my laptop- which is nice to be able to do, but I am so much more productive if I have a set space.

We'd like to have a bed and a small nightstand in there for any guests we might have. It's a decent sized room, so I know it's totally doable- but it's just a matter of how to set it up. Pinterest has some good ideas, but I've had to do a lot of digging for actual practical ideas versus the chandeliers and over-the-top decor ;) That's just not what I'm going for.

I like this set-up (what I can see of it anyway!) I really want to do a biggg bulletin board like this one above our desk. I'm not totally sure what they did but I'll be doing a little more googling. Anyone have a board like this in their house? We have this desk from IKEA and plan on keeping it- it's all we need! Pictures, to-do's, a calendar, etc- I want it all up above me and not cluttering up the desk space.

This one is nice too; it looks a little more like a daybed set up. But truthfully, I'm just obsessed with those curtains and the hooks in this one. How cool are they?!
I also like the idea of floating shelves but I don't know for sure if I want them. Sometimes they make a room feel more cluttered/closed-in but if they're done right I think they look really cool.

As far as colors, I am leaning towards something like this. I feel like it's the right amount of color and fun, without being too wild that you can't focus ;) This is definitely one of the rooms I'm most excited about decorating and setting up once we move in. Jared said I can do whatever I want with it so the possibilities are endless right now!

And the last thing on my must-have list for this room is as GOOD chair. I think these are so hard to pick out. I need comfy, support and preferably not one that's going to break the bank. I sat in this one at JCPenney and then saw the price tag... HAHA. This one from IKEA is really cute but I don't think it would be comfortable long term. Send me your suggestions on this one, please!!

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