Love, Fun and Football

Apr 29, 2016

Dear Friday, Where did April Go?

Dear Friday, Thank you for finally showing up. For staying free of plans and for welcoming me home tonight after work. I need you, big time.

Dear April, You on the other hand... you flew by, what the heck?! I don't even know what happened this month or where my days went. On to May, I suppose! 

Dear Bengals, Loved the pick last night! Everyone loves to hate and complain, but I'll leave the drafting to the experts and just get excited about the season as a fan. Can't wait to see who else we draft this weekend. Welcome to Cincinnati, William!!

Dear Kitchen, Watch out. This pregnant lady is on a mission to tackle some freezer meals this weekend and I mean serious business!

Dear Jared, I promise I'll attempt to look halfway put together when we go on a date Saturday. The closet is slim pickins' these days but we'll see what I can come up with. Either way? I can't wait to have a night out together! If only that night could be on the beach...

Dear Little Man, We are so in love with you already it's not even funny. It's so fun picturing life with you and we can't wait to welcome you home. We are going to be super cool parents, promise. Just like you will be the perfect newborn who sleeps through the night immediately and never cries. ;)

Dear Blog, It is getting more and more difficult not to type our baby's name on here. I still can't decide how I feel about sharing it publicly on the blog... but I feel close to caving, haha!

Happy Weekending, everyone!!! 

Apr 28, 2016

With the 24th Pick...

Let's just come right out and tell it like it is. I have been feeling totally uninspired this past week hence the lack of blog posts. After such a fun, celebratory weekend- I was left with sinus pressure/headaches and total exhaustion the past few days. It was all I could do to drag myself into the office and actually accomplish things! I've truly tried to not complain much throughout this pregnancy because overall I know I've had it pretty darn easy. However, at 33+ weeks I am definitely starting to feel all the "fun" late pregnancy effects. Trouble sleeping, aches and pains whenever I get up and even a little swelling in my feet by the end of the day. (Not quite cankle status, but still noticeable to me!) When I get home, the only thing I really want to do is nap, but it seems there is always something to do- such is life, right?

I think sometimes it's just difficult to think of things to blog about when my mind is on baby-related things about 95% of the time. Heck, I can barely concentrate at work right now because my mind is so baby focused! I told Jared it's like I've got senioritis, just counting down the days until our baby is here and I go on maternity leave. However, today at least it's an exciting day in the office. It's NFL DRAFT DAY!!!

It's always a flurry of excitement around here during the draft and I'll be keeping my ears open for any name-dropping going on in the building. My Bengals don't pick until 24th tonight unless any crazy trading happens (which I don't expect it to) but I can't wait to see who we snatch up. Between attending the combine and stalking all the "Path to the Draft" shows we can, Jared and I are pumped to see who the first few picks are as well. I love seeing these guys' dreams of playing in the NFL come true. It's nice to see them while they're still a little bit humble and before they're big millionaires.

Last year I posted 18 phrases that you can chime in with (or listen for) tonight and they are pretty much all still true. Minus that Johnny Manziel one... can he just go away already?? Who's watching the draft tonight? Who do you think will go first overall? Who else is taking a nap pre-draft so they can make it through round one?? :)

Apr 25, 2016

Under the Sea {Baby Shower #2}

I feel so fortunate to have such great family and friends. I know everyone brags on their own (as you should!) but man, I just have the best ones hands down ;) This weekend we got showered in love and gifts for a second baby shower- this one with all of my side of the family. My mom and sister went all out with the ocean/under the sea theme in keeping with our nursery and it was too adorable. Not to mention the fact that my sister drove 9+ hours to be in town for this event!!
There was a great spread of food which included some of my favorite things like crack dip and the most amazing cookies from the best bakery around.

We played a few fun games but the best one hands down was having the guests make play-doh babies while I opened gifts. When I was finished opening gifts they all turned their "babies" in and I had to award prizes for funniest, creepiest, most lifelike, etc. I think everyone had a good time with it and it was so funny seeing what everyone came up with!

Of course the gifts were exciting and humbling and so appreciated! We got lots of much-needed items and of course little man's wardrobe continues to grow. My mom also outdid herself with another precious blanket that I am in love with!

It was great being surrounded once again by so many sweet women and just feeling all the love from family and friends. My dear friend Cassie prayed over me and my little guy before she left which meant so much. And my lovely Lacey is going to have her little girl in less than 3 weeks- I can hardly believe it.

Major thanks to my momma and sister for a wonderful, fun-filled afternoon- they are the BEST.

And I couldn't end this post without at least mentioning that today is my adorable niece's 3rd birthday! Her favorite parts of the baby shower were definitely the Oreo truffles and my giant whale balloon ;)

Apr 21, 2016

So About that 30 Before 30 List

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes yesterday! Between those, some birthday donuts from a coworker and a super special gift from Jared it was a wonderful way to celebrate turning 29. It was also apparently a wonderful excuse for any relative of mine to post embarrassing, childhood photos of me on Facebook. I'm pretty sure I looked like a boy for a loooong time (despite the number of ruffles on my outfits) so maybe I'm getting a sneak peek of what my little boy is going to look like?! ;)

My birthday also reminded me that I should check in with that little 30 before 30 list I started a few years back and see where I stood with things. Most of the things I've crossed off have links back to relevant posts about them. For those interested, here's the breakdown of where I'm at on this checklist:

- 12 of the items are completely crossed off the list.
- 6 of them are works in progress that will for sure be done before I turn 30.
- 5 haven't been started, but 100% CAN happen in time.
- 5 items that would be incredibly hard to accomplish, but aren't totally ruled out.
- 2 items that just aren't going to happen pre-30th birthday.

The five that need to happen are easily attainable and probably the ones I'll start with first. I need to totally give up pop for 60 days straight. While I drink far less than I used to, I want to cut it out completely and I'm hoping two months without will totally break me from the habit. Also in this category is to crochet a gift from someone, get involved in our church, regularly donate to charity and treat myself to a day at the spa. I think I'm saving that spa day as a celebration for my birthday NEXT year. It just makes sense.

The five items that would be tough to accomplish? Hey, I'm not ruling them out but at least I'm being realistic about them. A baby on the way makes a few of these things less practical. Maybe if I can cross off some of those easier ones I mentioned I'll feel the motivation and drive to cross them all off. I figure there are 12 items in the not done/not sure of category so why not try to finish up one each month??

If you've been around here any time at all you know I love settings goals and making lists. I truly feel like it's the only way I can challenge myself to actually do things I want to do. My list ranges from big, monumental, life-altering things, to silly personal things I've always want to try and achieve. Do you have a list like this? What should I do when this one is finished?? I don't think I can bring myself to make a 40 before 40... that just seems too far away!