Love, Fun and Football

Oct 9, 2015


What a crazy week this has been. Have I been saying that a lot recently? It feels like I have. It's been a bit of a stressful week in my world. Luckily after this Sunday's game (when my Bengals will advance to 5-0!) I'll get a bit of a break at work and hopefully be able to catch up on every other thing in my life that seems to be a mess right now. I say it all the time but seriously... how do people DO it all?!

Speaking of doing it all- the Pink Ribbon Luncheon that I attended yesterday? Phenomenal. I've went a few times but this might have been my favorite year yet. Robin Roberts is an inspiration for so SO many reasons and it was awesome to hear her speak. The theme was "Paint the Town Pink" and there were dozens of local artists painting there and auctioning off their items for charity. We got to take home little miniature paintings of various Cincinnati landmarks- talk about a cool souvenir! 

In other happies... the sunrises and sunsets have been incredible lately. The early mornings are rough after working so many days in a row but at least it's colorful and inviting on my way into work :) I stopped in the middle of the parking lot at Kroger to snap this- it was too beautiful not to capture!

This weekend despite some hours at the office, Jared and I are making time to visit one of our favorite local farms to pick out pumpkins, get lost in corn mazes and just enjoy some gorgeous weather outdoors together. Bring on the fall-ness and the fun! :) Happy weekend everyone!

Oct 8, 2015


Happy Thursday, everyone! Linking up (a day late, oops!) with Anne and Jenna for their 'currently' posts. I always love reading and writing these because it's an easy way to catch-up when life's been busy. And we all know- life just flat out gets BUSY sometimes. We are in the thick of football season with my work and with Jared coaching so I've dropped the ball on other things lately. I swear, I dream about football at night. No lie. But I'm CURRENTLY:

Eating: Blah, nothing great to be honest. I always say football season won't get the best of me, but here we are in October and I've fallen on the wagon with meal planning. The long hours and late nights make it difficult, but that shouldn't be an excuse. I've definitely gotta get my act together so Jared and I can eat better and healthier.

Exploring: Possibilities. Can I just be vague and say that? Okay, I'm gonna. ;)

Wearing: Pink! I'm headed to a Pink Ribbon Luncheon with a group of ladies from work for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's a favorite event of mine so I'm looking forward to it. Robin Roberts is speaking at it this year!

Admiring: Lots of fall fashion blogs/Pinterest boards. I am finally adding to my wardrobe little by little and attempting to look a bit more put-together. It's a work in progress, trust me, but I'm trying!

Collecting: Nothing. If anything, I'm getting rid of random collections of things that are just clutter to me now. It's a huge undertaking to simplify a home, gosh- it feels never ending sometimes! But every time a box leaves our house I feel just a little bit better about things. Good riddance, junk!

What are you all up to?! :)

Oct 5, 2015

Fall + Football + Weekends = Perfection

This weekend ROCKED. I'm sure there's a more descriptive way to tell you that, but when you say something "rocks" I just feel like it gets my point across pretty quickly. Jared and I had discussed all the various things we wanted to do over the weekend and we accomplished every single one of them. Mostly fun things were on the list, but a couple adult/responsibility things got done too.
We saw The Martian in theaters- SO good. I'm a Matt Damon fan in general, but this movie was pretty great. I didn't read the book so I have nothing to compare it to but the storyline was great and even though it was a long movie it didn't really feel like it to me. Anyone else seen/read it??

Plenty of other fun happened involving board games, movies, shopping and decorating for fall. We just got a Gordman's in our area which I'd never heard of until now. Think TJMaxx/Marshalls kinda stuff (and prices!) but much larger. We found a couple new additions for our fall decor, a couple gifts for family and finally two new throw pillows that didn't cost a fortune. Our house just feels extra cozy now with more fluffy pillows and with all our fall stuff out and on display.

I love our table runner!

And of course any weekend is significantly better when your football team wins. Jared and I watched Ohio State move to 5-0 on Saturday and then the Bengals beat Kansas City to move to 4-0 on Sunday! It was a really good sports weekend in our household. Really, really good. I wore nothing but sports gear all weekend long and I'm not ashamed.

Today marks 8 straight days in the office with another 11 to go before I get a day off (but who's counting?!) so if you noticed the permanent bags under my eyes, you know why. As long as my team keeps winning though? It's all worth it. WHODEY!

Oct 2, 2015

Cheers to October

Happy October! To welcome the month Ohio definitely decided to dip into the high 40s overnight and honestly, I'm okay with that. Ohio is a tricky state, forecasting us back up in the 70s this weekend- but I'll take any taste of fall I can get. I'm ashamed to admit I haven't put up any of my fall decorations yet this year. Typically I've got them out by at least mid-September but that month just got away from me somehow. 

Jared and I are excited to spend some quality time together despite another football-filled weekend. (Is anyone surprised?) Our schedules have just been so wacky lately there hasn't been a lot of time for the two of us to do much- but that's getting fixed tonight! We're getting back to our Friday night gym-date and coming home to enjoy some homemade chili and a good puzzle and/or movie. But not before we get those decorations up, of course ;)
Of course we're always making memories together, no matter what we're doing and no matter what time of year it is- but fall just always seems extra special to me. Jared and I became friends in the fall of 2007 even though we wouldn't go on a date for months and months after that. We also were engaged at the very end of August in 2010 so the fall always reminds me of those early days of our engagement and how giddy we were about the next phase of life we'd entered.

Some of my favorite memories with Jared have revolved around a backyard fire and warm cider in our hands; a pumpkin patch and a carving party where we laughed hysterically over how terrible our pumpkins looked; wandering corn-mazes for hours with some of our best friends and taking a thousand ridiculous photos and videos; attending Halloween parties and always try to outdo last year's costumes; spending entirely too long in Hobby Lobby picking out fall decorations for our first home together and arguing over who picked out the best smelling candle ;)
So cheers to fall. Cheers to the month of October and the memories that are sure to be made this month. Cheers to a love that continues to evolve and change just like the seasons.