Love, Fun and Football

Oct 17, 2016

A Fabulous Weekend

What a FABULOUS weekend!! Isn't it great when a weekend doesn't necessarily hold some special event or some epic happening, but it's still awesome?? Jared and I truly soaked in every ounce of this weekend with each other and with T and it couldn't have gone better.

Friday I had a couple errands to run so while my boys held down the fort I was out and about for a few hours. I had a package to pick up from my old office so I swung by there to grab it while I was out. It was nice to see my boss and the familiar faces that I worked with for so long. As cheesy as this might sound... it feels like home when I go there. I'm comfortable, I'm welcomed with open arms and it's like I never left. Me staying home is the best option for our family, but it's nice to be in touch with my work peeps here and there. There were talks of a "reunion" happy hour so I hope someone puts those plans into action.

After meeting with a contractor first thing Saturday morning, we hit up a tiny, local Halloween/Fall fest in our area. Obviously T is too young to enjoy or appreciate these things, but it was a beautiful day to get out and enjoy the festivities. We got him his own little mini pumpkin which he was totally unimpressed with. 

That night Jared and I entertained ourselves with Snapchat filters and tried out the Halo ice cream everyone has been raving about. Our verdict is that we liked it, but we didn't LOVE it. After awhile, I felt like I really noticed that artificial sweetener after-taste that some of you might be familiar with. It's a nice treat to have when you're trying not to indulge too much, but I didn't go completely ga-ga over it.

My Bengals lost horribly on Sunday. That makes two weeks of ugly losses in a row. While it's brutal and I hate it- I must admit something. It's WAY easier to get over a team loss when I'm not going into work there the very next day. I mean, WOW! I knew it would be different going from an employee to a fan, but I never imagined it would feel this different. I like being a fan, I'll tell you that much! It's much less emotional, no matter the outcome.

I'm excited about this week and all it could hold for me. Cheers to a fresh start!

Oct 14, 2016

Bring on the Weekend

One of my Home Goods finds the other day.

Happy Friday, everyone! After surviving a miserable migraine last night I am SO ready for this weekend. I really don't get migraines very often, maybe a couple times a year but last night's was brutal. It started coming on around 3pm and I finally felt better around 8pm. Let me just say this- it's bad enough to have your head hurt, but trying to take care of a little baby while your head hurts? OMG. Here's to hoping I don't have to deal with that again for a very long time. 

Jared and I have a free weekend, but also have some exciting things on the calendar for the next few days. Our neighborhood has a little Halloween fest that we plan to check out tomorrow. Am I a terrible person if we don't put T in a costume this year? I thought about getting him one but they are honestly too expensive for something he'll likely have on for a couple of hours this year. Heck, he goes to bed before Trick-or-Treating even starts and we don't have any parties to go to this year. If I see a cute pair of Halloween pj's I might snag those for him to wear but that's about it.

We also are having a contractor come out to the house to do some measurements for one of the house projects I mentioned we were getting started on. I am super pumped about the changes and updates that are to come! Other than those couple of things though, we are hoping for time to get some fall yardwork done, drop off more donation boxes (YES!) and do some major meal prepping. By the way, I made these baked chicken tenders this week and they were phenomenal.

Are the temperatures jumping back up again where you live? We've had temperatures down in the 60s all week but the next few days we're going right back up to 80. Ohio, you are so weird. ;) Today's post is short and sweet because I've got a squishy little boy to play with and then a coffee date to get to. Enjoy your weekend, friends!

Oct 13, 2016

Blog Posts I Haven't Hit Publish On

Alyssa has a fun link-up going now through November 11th and it's one of the most unique ones out there! She calls it a non-challenge challenge :) She gave 10 prompts and you can post about any of them anytime you want in that time frame. Less pressure to get them all in, or write them on certain days- but great blogging inspiration and great topic ideas. I'm snagging one off her list today... all the things I want to write a blog post about but haven't been able to hit publish on them yet.

A hair tutorial. I'll admit that I'm not that awesome at hair, but mainly due to a lack of trying to be awesome at hair. However, I did a really cute style months ago, took photos and everything but when I started writing about it everything seemed too hard to explain. Tutorials are apparently not my thing.

Detailed budget posts. If you've been reading for awhile you know about our alter egos Sallie & Perkins and I'd say we've been pretty open about how much debt we had and paid off. There is still more I'd like to share, but I struggle with where to draw the line with public finance stuff. Often I feel like people have gotten the wrong impression re: these posts so sometimes I just want to be completely transparent and put ALL the numbers out there. And then I quickly change my mind ;)

The Presidential election. Okay, I actually really don't want to give my opinion but sometimes I just wanna hammer away on a keyboard and let the world hear it. Because that would do a lot of good. (That's my sarcastic font in case you can't tell.) 

How I REALLY feel about my son's birth and the way it happened. Now, I know what you're thinking... Erin you wrote THREE posts about it how could you have more to say?! Trust me, I do. And it's in a messy, emotional post that will likely never see the light of day.

Pet peeves of mine. This post is 100% written and edited, but it feels too mean to actually post. I didn't intend for it to sound that mean so it needs some work, obviously. Maybe I can soften it up so as not to offend anyone. I mean, everyone has pet peeves, right?!

Adoption. My niece was adopted at birth and she is one of my favorite little people in the world :) She's almost 3 1/2 now, by the way. (!!) Adoption is such an incredible thing and I wish I had the words to share more about it. Recently, Jared's cousin and her husband became foster parents with hopes of fostering to adopt. They have already welcomed multiple kids into their home and it's so cool to know what an impact they're having on these children. My hope is that Jared and I could foster or adopt one day as well.

SAHM Life: Reality vs Perception. I'm still adjusting to being a stay-at-home mom. It was only a couple of months ago that I decided to leave my job and many days that is still difficult to grasp. Being at home is wonderful but definitely has it's challenges.

How amazing Jared is. Sometimes I really want to write all these mushy, gushy posts about him because he is seriously THE.BEST. But I know many things are best kept to ourselves and I always want to respect his privacy as well. Just know that I'm pretty fond of my husband ;)

I think I'll stop there. What have you always wanted to post about but haven't yet??

Oct 11, 2016

Why I Don't Go Shopping

You might have seen me mention it on Instagram over the weekend, but a very wonderful thing happened to me. A wonderful thing for me, potentially a very bad thing for Jared. Let me start by saying that I'm not a big shopper. When I go out to a store, I am on a specific mission. Perhaps my black flats finally fell apart and it's time to replace them. I set out in search of replacement shoes, find the shoes, purchase, leave the store. Or maybe I'm shopping for a gift for someone else. Nine times out of ten I shop online for that gift but if I go looking for a gift in person, I am pretty confident I already know exactly what I'm buying.

There were days long ago that I wasn't like this. Days where I loved a good session at the mall. In fact, I once wrote a paper in 4th grade about how the mall was my favorite place to go. I kid you not, that paper existed and it was multiple pages long about each of my favorite stores and which flavor of Dippin' Dots I usually purchase. But those were the days where I didn't have bills, I did have an allowance and my favorite shirts at American Eagle were probably like, $8.99 at the time.

But let's get back to why this weekend was so monumental. You see, I stumbled upon the Home Goods store that opened up in our area over the summer. I hadn't been out that way in awhile and I mentioned to Jared that I'd been meaning to check it out. Bless his heart he told me to go for it while he and T held down the fort so off I went!

And you guys... I FELL IN LOVE. Fell in love right then and there with that store. I had been in the store maybe 5 minutes before I texted Jared that I was ready to redecorate our whole house. I now understand the obsession. So many cute things at good prices... holy cow I was in trouble. My cart was filled up in no time at all. Of course, me still being the non-shopper shopper I'd add a few things to the cart, put a few back; add something else into the mix, decide to let one thing go. It was a very back and forth trip- thank goodness for the "back" because otherwise I might have drained our bank account.

I am now convinced that Home Goods has magical powers. I saw things like this giant acorn and suddenly I was racking my brain for where I could put it in our tiny tri-level. I grabbed every notebook that I remotely liked and had them in my cart before I let myself think of how many I already had at home. 

And don't get me started on the holiday stuff floating around... Of course I needed every Halloween candy dish, every Thanksgiving-related wooden sign and I'll for sure be back soon for the Christmas penguin salt and pepper shakers that will never be used. Sidenote- does anyone else think their shopping carts need to be larger or is that just me... ?

My friends... this is why I don't go shopping.