Love, Fun and Football

Jul 21, 2016

Never Thought I'd...

...Keep up with a blog for five years! That blows my mind. I'm thankful for this little space of mind and the friendships that have grown as a result of this blog. I never could have imagined what this blog would become but I'm glad it's been a pleasant surprise :) I was worried I'd never find time to blog again after T was born, but slowly and surely I'm getting back into the swing of things.

...Be just a few years away from paying off a house at this point in my life. Jared and I (err... Sallie and Perkins?!) are still hanging onto our plan to pay off our mortgage in the near future. I plan to give an actual S/P update soon but we are really rocking our finances this year, despite all the life changes! Make me excited to see what we can continue to accomplish.

...Be watching WWE with Jared. I have never, ever in my life been interested in wrestling but somehow I've been watching it more and more over the past year or so. Jared actually went to high school and played football with Dean Ambrose, so we've been more interested in watching since he continues to grow in popularity. It's pretty surreal to watch someone you actually KNOW become a millionaire and reach that level of stardom. For me? It's surreal that I'm starting to actually know multiple wrestler's names, slogans, etc. 

...Be reading up on fantasy football predictions. I LOVE football, that's no secret, but this year I've got a title to defend. In WON our family league last year, making me the first female to ever do so! And I'm definitely still bragging about it, so I can't fail this year. I am getting a head start on things and cannot wait for the season (real and fantasy!) to start.

...Have a google search history consisting of the things it does. Pretty much anytime I'm up for a 3 A.M. feeding I'm also googling the most random things associated with babies, postpartum 'things' and more. These first couple of months I have constantly searched for everything under the sun. Is this normal? Is that? What should I expect with this? How to do that. You name it- I've googled it.

Fill in the blank for yourself... What's something you never thought you'd be doing? 

Jul 19, 2016

Christmas in July

Every July I try to start thinking about Christmas. I know, it's insane... but it helps the holidays be more fun and less stressful come December. I've upped my Swagbucks game so I can stash away some extra cash and giftcards to use for shopping; I bought wrapping paper and bows months ago when I came across some on clearance at a second-hand store. It's fun to sprinkle in the festive fun ahead of time... I'm always on the lookout for a good gift idea too. No reason not to buy something and stash it away if it's the perfect gift for someone!

Jared is an even bigger Christmas fanatic than me, so we thought it would be fun this past weekend to have a Christmas in July date night. At home, of course ;) I have to say, it was quite the success! We'd planned this a week in advance, so we'd agreed to each get each other a small just-for-fun gift of no more than $10. That limit made us get creative and it was fun to have a reason to open gifts from one another.

After dinner and gifts we made some delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Oh my goodness- it had been a really long time since I baked anything and these cookies were dangerously tasty. I refuse to tell you how many I inhaled had. Or maybe I just lost count.

While we munched on cookies, we cranked the Christmas tunes on our record player, lit our best wintery candles and settled in to play a board game. Not just any board game- a Christmas themed one! Someone bought us this game awhile back and I'll admit it's sat in our basement closet for far too long. We finally got it out this weekend though and realized what a fun little game it is. The concept is simple but it was a tricky memory game we actually enjoyed a lot.

We also miiight have shopped around online that night for some items for T's first Christmas! We didn't buy anything, although this outfit and this ornament were super tempting. We'll try to refrain for now ;) My urge to shop has never been stronger since having baby; I think I should hide my debit card for awhile.

In my efforts to finally take some pictures of life NOT involving a baby, I captured our date night pretty well. Except for two minor details... Jared and I. Ha! I don't think we've taken but one photo together in the past two months- we just aren't too glamorous these day. I don't think there are enough Instagram or Snapchat filters in the world to hide the bags under our sleep-deprived eyes!

Jul 18, 2016

Start Monday Right

Mondays get a pretty bad reputation. Everyone's back to work, back to the grind and whatever weekend fun you had instantly feels like a lifetime away. I hate that! Even though it's hard to feel upbeat and ready to tackle a new week, Mondays also have a lot of potential. Clean slate, five days to kick butt before you kick back again, right?! Well, usually I save a favorites kind of post for Friday but I thought I'd start the week with a few favorites since I seem to have so many random little tidbits I want to share already!
My last post before I (unexpectedly) had a baby 3 weeks early was about utilizing my crockpot in the summer. I'm finally getting back into the swing of cooking occasionally and we had the tastiest summer dinner over the weekend. Jared grilled up burgers and I made the chili-lime corn on the cob in our crockpot. So easy, delicious and a unique blend of flavors. We'll definitely make it again!
Paper plates for the win!

Jared and I ventured out to a farmer's market over the weekend. We were so proud, getting all three of us dressed and out of the house, had our cash and bags and were excited to walk around and push the stroller. Turns out? It was the world's smallest market. In a gravel parking lot... aka- not real conducive to strollers and definitely not worth the time to get it out. So Jared sat in the car with T and I did a quick swoop to grab the items we'd come intending to buy. We laughed pretty hard at ourselves, but hey- the produce was delicious and we still successfully left the house!

I am getting SO excited for the Summer Olympics. So many sports I love to watch and I won't lie- I'm pretty happy I'll still be on maternity leave for the majority of the games. More time to watch and obsess! And, have you all heard the theme songs for the games, "Rise" yet? I already love Katy Perry so I thought the song was awesome and this video seriously gives me chills. Bring on the Olympics!!

My Etsy shop has a great giveaway and fun new releases this week. If you're a teacher or have teacher friends PLEASE check it out :) Shop here and Instagram with giveaway details here.

Jared and I had a really fun at-home date over the weekend that will get a post of it's own but other than that? It was just a flat-out beautiful weekend over here- even though it's insanely hot out, the skies were blue and the clouds were awesome. I'm ready to tackle a new week with whatever it brings. And with a baby, you never know what that will mean!!

Jul 15, 2016

Friday Favorites: Baby Edition

TGIF! Sure, I'm on maternity leave but that doesn't mean I enjoy weekends any less than I always do. Jared's home from work and there is fun to be had. We are going to attempt a couple outings as a little family this weekend- I will surely be reporting back on how they go. Wish us luck ;)

I wanted to share a few favorite baby items today. When I was pregnant I'd read blog posts about "must-haves" for the first few months and now that I've had a baby I feel the need to share mine. For the most part, Jared and I really tried not to register for an excessive amount of things. Yes, babies naturally come with a lot of stuff, but we really tried to steer clear of non-necessity items that would just be more clutter in our home. I know every mom and baby are different but I enjoyed reading these posts so I figured I'd give my spin on things as well. After seven weeks- here are my current faves!

Our baby is one of the one's who needs to be swaddled to get a good nap in. His crazy little newborn arms and legs just wake him up too much if not. I know a regular blanket could be used to swaddle him but these have been awesome. You wrap him up like a burrito and the velcro tabs keep him snuggled and secure. Some babies hate swaddles, T loves them. Also, they come in a zillion different colors and patterns, they are seriously cute.
Ours in action! Far left: Only 4 days old so the swaddle was definitely too big on him- haha. They work great now though! :)

BabyTracker App - iPhone // Android
I truly don't know how I would ever remember anything without this app. You can keep track of feedings, diapers, sleeping, growth/milestones- just about everything all in one place. I just have the free version, but I think you can pay a few dollars and get even more features. I know there are dozens of baby app's out there, so if you have one you like please shout it out!

We initially didn't register for this, but it's something we quickly purchased after being at home a couple of weeks. Little man doesn't like to sleep in silence. We used a fan noise to keep him happy and content until we got this bad boy. We went with a cheap one, I know there are much fancier ones out there but this one is working just fine for us. It has 6 sound options and a timer. Simple and gets the job done.

Receiving Blankets
We registered for one 4-pack of these and ended up with probably 10 of them total. I remember thinking we had way too many and we'd never need them all- but I was wrong on this one. I'm glad I didn't return any like I'd considered. They are just useful for everything and it's amazing how quickly T can dirty them up. We have a few different brands but Carter's blankets and this gauzy, nautical one are my favorites.

We were gifted some of these and they have come in handy quite often. I guess you could use a regular baby wipe, but these are more gentle and meant specifically for faces. Helps get off any crusties of the mouth, eyes, nose- you name it! Not that I've gotten out and about that much (ha!) but I do keep a pack of them in the diaper bag too, they are nice to have. PS- also like their hand sanitizer!

Other notable items?
Newborn clothes and newborn diapers. Everyone told us NOT to get much (if any) of these and turns out we needed them a lot. He was born three weeks early, but he still was 7 pounds at birth which isn't that tiny. He was in newborn diapers for about 5 weeks and he's still wearing mostly newborn clothes right now. Just something to keep in mind! Also- I'm Team Pampers in case anyone wanted to know. Is there hashtag for that or anything ;)

So nothing earth-shattering here, but these items have saved our sanity and made the first couple of months a little less hectic. And this concludes my first, "I think I kinda, sorta know a tiny, little bit about caring for my newborn now," post.