Love, Fun and Football

Feb 4, 2016

Super Bowl 50

Can't believe it took me until Thursday to say this but I wanted to be sure to wish you all a HAPPY: 

It is indeed one of the best weeks/weekends of the year and I've been stalking the coverage of everything going on out in San Francisco... holding back tears from time to time of course (whodey forever) but still loving the excitement surrounding Super Bowl 50! Here's just a quick survey for all you other football fans that wanna' talk gameday stuff ;)

Who I'm Rooting For:
Cam Newton and those Carolina Panthers!! I've told multiple people this over the past couple of weeks and most are surprised by my answer. Why, I don't really know. But I'll tell you why I am rooting for them:

 - Cam Newton is hilarious and adorable and has fun doing his job. Lots of people don't like to see a quarterback dancing in the endzones, having a good time on the sidelines, etc... but to that I say "psh!" Winning is fun and he's had a lot of wins this year so let the man celebrate. Plus, he's a good guy these days. (Yes, I'm aware of his college days and the whole "laptop thing" but that was in 2008 and everyone deserves a second chance.)

- Giving kids/fans football every time they score is becoming a "thing" and I can't get enough of those reactions each week.

- I love that the Panthers are another small market team like Cincinnati. They don't get a lot of hype or love most of the time and I can relate to that.

- Most years I end up picking the NFC team in the Super Bowl. It's next to impossible for me to root for an AFC team that is there at the big game instead of my Bengals. #stillcrying

-Finally, Cam Newton is also one HUGE reason why I won my family's fantasy football league this year.

What I'll be Eating: 
All the things in all the land. <-- That exact phrase is what I've told Jared I want for dinner approximately fifty times in the past few weeks. I am hungry all.the.time. so bring on the food this Sunday. Buffalo Chicken dip or Crack dip are both top contenders. 
If you're making this for a crowd be sure to double (or triple!) this :)

Pregame/Halftime Performances:
Coldplay is a solid choice + the Beyonce addition will I'm sure make people go crazy. I like them and they probably appeal to a lot more people than Katy Perry did last year- although you know I'm a big fan of hers ;) I'm actually pretty stoked to hear Lady Gaga do the National Anthem AND to see if any of the rumored guests are true. Names like Bruno Mars, Adele, Rihanna and Taylor Swift are all floating around as possible cameos. We shall see! 

Commercial Sneak Peeks?:
Can I just say I hate that you can watch a majority of the commercials pre-Super Bowl now? What fun is that? I try to stay away from any of the teasers out there because I love seeing what people are shelling out all that money for come game day. This year costs are up to as much as $5 million for a 30-second spot. No pressure, advertisers!!

So tell me- what are your plans for this weekend? Who are you rooting for? Are you hosting a big party or laying around in your sweats with a personal bag of chips and dip like me? Bring on the football, baby!!!

Feb 2, 2016

Goals for February

I'm back to check in with my January goals and set new ones for February. It's the only way I stay on top of things, I swear. I love reading what other people's monthly goals are too, so if you post about yours be sure to let me know so I can check 'em out and we can cheer each other on. Also, I think I've asked this before- but is there a goals link-up out there somewhere?? In January my goals were:

- Get rid of something every day. This was actually tougher to remember to track, but I'd say I nailed it. We got rid of SO MUCH STUFF, and I did a better job of keeping up with clutter on a day-to-day basis, rather than waiting until there was a giant pile of mail to go through or 7 loads of laundry that needed done at once ;) There were multiple trips to GoodWill and massive amounts of junk just pitched. There is no better feeling than seeing clutter leave your house!

- Finish and order our Disney photobook. Didn't quite get there. Lots of progress, but didn't finish. I apparently take a ridiculous amount of photos on Disney trips.

- Push myself to stay active. I feel like I deserve a yes on this one as well. Coming off the chaos of December/holidays I knew I needed to make working out more of a priority this month. With our purchase of a treadmill it's much harder to put off a work out. I averaged 3-4 workouts a week in January and got my daily step average back up. Hoping to do even better in February!

- Go on a fun/unique date with Jared. While we spent a lot of quality time together, I don't know if I can classify any of our outings as a unique date. It's hard in the winter to want to be out and about; and to be honest? Our at-home date nights are just too fun sometimes! We still need to get out more so there's always next month ;)

Baby Related Goals:
 Buy a crib
 Find out if we're having a boy or girl - BOY!
 Start brainstorming some nursery ideas - We have a theme and I can't wait to pull it all together.
 Start writing in our baby book - This is the best baby book ever, seriously. It's so cute and quirky; Jared and I are both having fun writing answers in it PLUS it goes all the way until the child's 2nd birthday. Love!

So apparently I rocked all things baby this month and not quite so much the other items. For February, let's see how well I can do on the following goals:

- Meet with a financial advisor.
Another item Jared and I have put off for months but really want to do soon. We feel like we're in a good place but would love the expert's insight, especially with a little one on the way.

-Make a big, fat extra mortgage payment.
We are committed to making an extra mortgage payment each month and I hope this month we can reign in our spending and put a solid chunk down. We made a large payment in January which felt great; I love seeing that number go down. It's a big number but every little bit extra adds up to savings in the long run.

-Finish and order that photobook.
No excuses, it needs to be done this month! How will I ever keep up with baby pictures if I can't get all our vacation photobooks done before he gets here?!

-Steam clean our carpet.
This is mainly for our baby's room, but if we're going to rent a steam cleaner we might as well go all out and deep clean the whole house while we're at it. Fingers crossed it'll make a big difference.

-Write 15 blog posts.
I have all these ideas and plans for the blog and often lack the discipline to sit down and actually write them or take the necessary photos for them. I only blogged a handful of times in January and really did miss it, so I'm hopeful that February gets me back into the routine of blogging 3-4 times a week and keeping up with everyone's blogs, too.

Baby Related Goals:
-Get my 1st prenatal massage. Jared bought me this package back in October and I am officially ready for some pampering!
-Start looking at various hospital classes and decide which ones to attend. Yikes!
-Paint the nursery. There are SO many blues, but I think we're narrowed it down.
-Work on our registry. We started one and added some of the 'easy' stuff but definitely need to do our research on a lot of the bigger items still.

Cheers to getting stuff done! :)

Feb 1, 2016

All Weekends Should Include Donuts

Happy February and Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed as good of a weekend as I did. It was another no-actual-obligations-or-plans weekend and those are becoming my absolute favorite. Life post-football season CAN in fact be good. I love the time for Jared and I to just do whatever we want at whatever pace we want. Those couple of days away from the office are always my favorite no matter what we do :) Although it's always preferable that the weekends include donuts at some point.
The weather here in Ohio was ridiculously nice and we definitely took advantage of it while it lasted. It was in the high 50s on Saturday so we headed out to a part of town we don't typically visit. I had a few returns to do that I'd been putting off for weeeeeeks. Does anyone else hate returning things? I dread it just as much as I dread getting an oil change. So I took a deep breath and tackled the car stuff AND the returning stuff all in one day. I'm such a grown-up, I know.

After the errands, we explored the area we were in. Shopped in lots of stores we don't have near us and ate a nice dinner out at a steakhouse- yum! Plus, there was a bookstore next door that we couldn't resist visiting. Their bargain book section was incredibly tempting, but with the decluttering we've been doing lately I had to tell myself no to purchasing. Instead, I just took detailed notes for a future library trip.

Speaking of decluttering- we also donated two large boxes of stuff over the weekend and threw away two large trash bags of junk. It's both sad and amazing that we continue to find things to get rid of in our house but it's been a fun challenge to see what we can get rid of each week. I'll be reporting more on that tomorrow :)

And last- but certainly not least... Congratulations to the winner of the Valentine's Day planner pack- Lisa!! Thank you to everyone who entered and those who continue to support our Etsy shop.

Jan 29, 2016

Best. Week. Ever.

My heart is absolutely running over with joy this week, I can't even begin to explain it. Thank you everyone for all your congratulatory messages- we are just so happy with the news of a healthy little boy. Jared and I are both pretty much still on a high from that Monday appointment. I can't tell you the amount of times we've said "boy" or "little man" this week- an obnoxious amount I'm sure ;) This week has just been so special for us and now I'm looking forward to a great weekend with my guy(s) as well!

Also this week, I'm reminded of how many sweet friends I have- near and far. Becky sent me an e-gift card to Zulily since she knows I've been chomping at the bit to buy some baby stuff. I am carefully stalking now and deciding what adorable stuff I wanna buy first. Allison and I also met up for dinner this week and it was SO good to catch up. I find myself still referring to her as my 'blog friend' but in reality she is definitely my real-life friend :) Throwback to our first time meeting, THREE years ago!

Jared and I have our last vacation as a twosome booked and we are now counting down the days. Initially we thought about going out west, but the idea of a BIG trip with lots of stops, flights, not to mention how pricey it was getting overwhelmed me a little. We ultimately decided that a relaxing week somewhere together would be more ideal so we're going back to our favorite beach on Hilton Head Island and including a day or two in Savannah, GA as well. A week away near the water sounds perfect!

There's a lot going on at work for both of us, that normally would be causing a lot more stress but the news of our little boy has carried us through this week. :) Now let's bring on a weekend of fun and maybeeee a start on this nursery! Happy Friday!